After a strong 2018, Netadmin is looking to the future. The company is aiming to continue closing the gap with its customers, evolving products and offerings.

The next step of this journey will be with a new CEO, Jonas Svensson. We asked Jonas to talk about himself, his new role, and what´s in store for Netadmin.


Tell us a little bit about yourself

I joined the company back in 2010 as a Project Manager. The company I joined was very much a different organization to what we see today. I have had the pleasure of participating in that journey and intend to keep things moving forward. In my spare time I try to exercise as much as possible when I´m not spending time with my family. With a background highly influenced by sports, I try to be a team player in everything I embark on.  


As a customer of Netadmin, what can I expect looking forward?

As a customer you should have high expectations for Netadmin. Our mission is to create value for our customers, enabling growth and lowering time to market. During 2018 we took some steps to get even closer to our customers. We will continue on that journey at an increased pace. We can´t really create great value if we´re not listening to our customers. A few things we’ve done so far: 

User Forums

A promise we made when we were acquired by Volaris in 2015 was to get closer to our customers. As a part of this, we invest in our User Forums, a place our users meet with our Product- and Professional Services teams. As a customer, you should expect to get a lot of useful information from these sessions. We want to bring our customers together, not only to meet Netadmin and to hear from the crew, but also to discuss, learn and evolve among peers. These sessions are fruitful, and we would be delighted if you wish to participate! 


In parallel to our User Forums, we also present Webinars on a quarterly basis. These Webinars are popular – go to our website for more information. They are focused on exciting news from our Product Management team. 


Other changes you can expect to see

We took steps during 2018 to become more in touch with our customers. This work will continue, partly through investments in various Forums and Webinars, but first and foremost in manpower. We have added considerable competence to the company to make sure we see and understand your needs. Looking through the history of the company, I look at this as something we could have done better in the past. As a customer to Netadmin, you should expect us to be closer than ever.   


And what about the long-term perspective?

We can´t really talk about changes to Netadmin without mentioning Volaris Inc., our “mothership”. Things have really changed since Netadmin was acquired by Volaris back in 2015. It might take some time for the results to be visible from a customer perspective but have some patience with us. We are focused on the long term. We introduced a “Software for Life” concept a few years back. We have the muscle to back that statement. We aren´t going anywhere, and we will always be here to back you up. And we want you to be satisfied with what we bring to the table.

The Fiber market is stronger than ever and the interest in Netadmin is high. I´m very proud of the fact that we´ve created such a flexible yet robust product.

We’re looking forward to another strong year for Netadmin in close collaboration with you – our customer.

Read the press release announcing the new CEO.


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