As a next step in Netadmin’s ambition to work with, and involve, customers even more, Netadmin has introduced a new Customer Care department.

Customer Care will consist of three sub departments – Support, Managed Services and Customer Success Management. Håkan Nilhammar, former Sales Director within Netadmin, has taken on the new role of VP Customer Care. We asked Håkan to tell us a bit about himself, his new role and what’s in store for the future.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I joined the company in 2017 as a Sales Director and have primarily worked with new sales in markets outside Sweden. However, with a background more involving account management, I found myself increasingly working with evolving our existing customer base and their usage of Netadmin in their operations, so this Customer Care role fits me perfectly.


In my spare time I love to spend time with skis under my feet or with a hockey stick or a Padel rack in my hand, and, as a family man and father of three (daughters), too much spare time is not an issue!

Why do you think Netadmin has introduced this new Customer Care role now?

I believe the timing is right and that this is a natural next step for Netadmin as a company in its efforts to come even closer to its customers. We want to help our customers succeed. I also believe our customer base holds a lot of experience and knowledge regarding their use of Netadmin, meaning that a closer relation will be beneficial for all of us and the development of Netadmin as a product will take advantage of this. This change is also closely in line with our concept of “Software for life” where we strive for customer involvement in how we develop our product and fulfill customers’ expectations and market requirements.

What will be your initial focus?

From a personal perspective it’s important for me to get the opportunity to “listen and learn” in more detail how our customers use Netadmin in their daily operations and how we, as a company and organization, can support them to improve their business with Netadmin.


I will also initially focus on how our organization communicates with our existing customers regarding news (and information) related to Netadmin products. This is something that we have improved the last year but I’m positive that we could do more in this area and through different channels. I hope that we can come back to this rather soon.


In addition, I also see a need to unburden or relieve our customers’ organizations in tasks related to their Netadmin solution that we could handle more efficiently in relation to them. This would then result in freeing up resources on our customers’ side to focus on expanding and growing their fiber business. We will step in and make sure that their Netadmin system always performs and adapts to the prevailing conditions. Such Application Management services fit well with the ambitions of our Customer Care department.


And just to let you know, our new Customer Care department will also incorporate the traditional Netadmin Support, where our Support Director Johan Strandbergh and his team will continue to help our customers as usual.

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