InfraNord and Luostejok become Netadmin’s most northern customers – supported by Netadmin’s partner Kong Arthur

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Netadmin, a supplier of a complete fiber OSS, will deliver Netamin Nine to InfraNord and Loustejok. Netadmin’s Norwegian partner Kong Arthur is to deliver their new billing solution as a part of the total solution.

"We were looking for a vendor that can offer a complete solution to handle our broadband business, and this seemed the ideal solution," states Lars Storelv, Head of Administration at Luostejok Kraftlag, headquartered in Lakselv, Finnmark. "Through our many years of cooperation with nearby companies, it was therefore natural to do this together with InfraNord, Repvåg Kraftlag's broadband company, located in Honningsvåg, a few miles north of Lakselv, near Nordkap."

Netadmin’s Norwegian partner will deliver their new billing solution to InfraNord and Luostejok and Netadmin will deliver their newest version Netadmin Nine. 

“Signing these two customers show that our solution is very flexible and that it can be adjusted to the customers’ unique needs. It is also interesting to see how companies can cooperate to get the most out of our product”, states Fredrik Nyblom, VP Sales at Netadmin. “No matter where you’re located the needs for running a successful fiber business are almost the same. We now have customers in almost all parts of the world, from South Africa to the Northern part of Norway.”

Netadmin's system is now in operation in over 75 companies globally. In Norway, Netadmin currently has eight customers. Kong Arthur is Netadmin's business partner in Norway and runs, in addition to customer service and technical expertise, new developments to the product.


About Netadmin Systems 

Netadmin Systems creates a software solution enabling painless growth of and transition to fiber networks. Our solutions reduce time to market, eliminate downtime and increase the subscriber quality experience. With more than 10 years of experience in the fiber OSS market, providing services for more than 75 customers worldwide we provide software solutions for a lightning-fast connected world.

The company is owned by Volaris Group, an operating group of the Toronto-based software service provider Constellation Software Inc. 


About Kong Arthur AS

Kong Arthur, with its broad and experienced IT skills, assists clients in research, media, finance, universities and colleges, as well as telecoms from innovation, planning, development and implementation. In particular, we offer a high degree of competence in systems integration to enhance collaboration and streamline system companies.

The company is owned by its employees and has offices in Brumunddal, Gjøvik and Lillehammer.

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