Netadmin will help Eurofiber to fully automate their B2B services

Netadmin and Eurofiber have signed an agreement where Netadmin will deliver new functionality with a high degree of automation regarding Eurofiber’s E-line services to their customers. Main focus will be on automation and structured infeed of information in order to speed up the delivery as well as minimize the risk of human errors and consequently improve quality for the customers.

“It’s important to continuously improve our product so that our customers can be more personal independent, ensure that their services have high-quality and that they can deliver these services fast to their customers. This investment in Netadmin that Eurofiber is about to do will give them a solid framework which enables them to work efficiently, deliver high-quality services to both new and existing customers and thereby support their future growth”, says Håkan Nilhammar, Sales Director at Netadmin.

Eurofiber is a leading provider of business to business fiber networks in the region, with both domestic and international customers. The investments in their Netadmin system will help Eurofiber with faster delivery of services to their customers. This investment is the first step to automate their provisioning.

“We’ve seen that automation of B2B service deliveries are something that will help our customers grow faster without having to invest in staff increments. We are therefore happy to see that such a skilled B2B operator as Eurofiber has the same vision as we do, says Håkan Nilhammar”, Sales Director at Netadmin.

About Eurofiber

Eurofiber is a fast-growing international provider of industry leading digital infrastructure and delivers future proof B2B services to companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations. Eurofiber is part of the Eurofiber Group and was established in 2000 and has grown into an organization with more than 280 employees, with offices in Maarssen (The Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium) and has become a recognized player in the market for fiber-optic connections. In June 2015 infrastructure Antin Infrastructure Fund has acquired all shares in Eurofiber.

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