Data migration highway

Moving your data from one system to Netadmin, which is often necessary steps in order to set up the new system while utilizing the data that you already have in your current system, might feel like a big challenge. It is – but with a clear method you might end up with better data quality and a better internal processes.


We’re always here for the process

With years of experience, we are here to support you whenever you need it. Or, if you prefer, you can do this with your own team.  


How it works

This is a typical process you have to go through when moving your data into Netadmin.



Data sourcing

Either you have a legacy system or manual processes. In some way you need to understand how to get your data out from this system.


Understanding Netadmin’s Data model

Before getting started, you need to understand Netadmin’s data model – understanding the format and how the data is structured. In the same time, you should take this opportunity to structure the data as you want it to be.


Analysis of the data

When you’ve decided to import the data into Netadmin, the first step is to make an analysis of your data. What is the quality of it? How is it structured?


Export data

Depending on what you decided in the analysis phase, you should export your current data. Have in mind:
  • The better quality the data is, the easier the process will be
  • The complexity of your data. How is it structured and how do you want it to be is important to have in mind before going further.
  • What is the relation between your data points?

Data transformation

Now it’s time to transform the data into a format that Netadmin can read. Here’s a possibly for automation. A script can be made to automate this process, or you can do it manually. If you don’t want to do this yourselves, we are here to help.


Add data to templates

This is the most common way to import your data. We’ve made Excel Spreadsheet templates for you to populate. With these templates, you’ll have a secure and standardized way to import your data into Netadmin.


Netadmin API

This is a fast way that will populate the Netadmin database with your data. Even though this is a fast way, you will not be able to change or edit the data when you go this route, however you can always import and export your data afterwards. We usually recommend using the API if you have very good quality of your data.


Import data into Netadmin

Netadmin has a standardized way to import data. This will verify that all your data will be added in a correct way into the database. There’s always the possibility edit this afterwards if needed.


Verification of your data

Once all your data has been added to Netadmin’s database you will verify that the data you imported ended up where you expected.

Data successfully migrated

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