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The Billing Add-on hooks into the Order Management capability. When an order of one or more products is accepted, and all products have been decomposed into their respective services, the Billing Add-on initiates charging for the resulting subscriptions based on your configured billing plans. For as long as a subscription lives, the Add-on periodically handles the recurring charges producing invoice rows that can be exported as-is or further processed in integrations with your specific invoicing system.

The Add-on supports simple product offerings as well as advanced campaigns and bundles, and your billing plans can be inherited or customized on each level in the product catalog.


Usage & Licenses

The Billing Add-on can be used under two different licenses allowing the use of the Billing Add-on for two different situations – Retail usage and Wholesale usage (ie is it end-customers vs. Service Provider partners/customer that is being billed), where the Retail usage license allows the full use and value of the functionality in the add-on, especially related to the management of retail product campaigns and their associated billing handling.



  • Create product billing plans for your products, campaigns and bundles
  • Support for any number of recurring or non-recurring charges in your billing plans
  • Review and adjust the billing plan for selected products when placing orders
  • View the billing plan for a subscription and modify or add charges
  • View billed and not billed billing rows for subscriptions
  • Manually add debit or credit rows to a subscription
  • Support for generation of monthly charges starting at a specific date every month
  • Support for generation of full months charges starting the 1st every month
  • Support for creation of micro debits in the beginning or the end of a generated period

Key functionality

Product offerings & pricing

  • The product catalogue allows creation of product offerings of standard products, campaigns, or bundles.
  • The price configuration for your offerings is made by setting up billing plans consisting of recurring charges and one-off charges that links to the Item catalogue. As you create new products offerings based on existing offerings, billing plans are inherited but can be customized on each level.

Billing pricing configuration

  • Manage recurring and non-recurring charges, including prices, VAT and associated meta data on items
  • Schedule future price and VAT changes on Item level that affects new orders
  • Configure billing price plans for product offerings, including single products and bundles
  • Multiple recurring and non-recurring charges can be added to a billing plan at different times in a subscription’s lifecycle, e.g., campaigns where price is adjusted when campaign period ends
  • Manage different types of charges in a billing plan, e.g., installation fee, shipping fee, start fee, etc.
  • Multi-level product hierarchies that allow inheritance of billing plans

Placing orders

  • Extends the standard order wizard in Netadmin UI to show prices for your listed product offerings (summary of recurring and non-recurring charges)
  • View detailed billing plan for selected products
  • Adjust billing plan before ordering (override price and/or item)
  • Place order with or without price adjustments

Subscription billing management

  • View and adjust charging for a subscription, e.g., change to a new price on a future date
  • Stop all charging for a subscription
  • View billed and not billed invoice rows
  • Manually add new debits or credits to the subscription’s invoice rows
  • Export not billed invoice rows for subscriptions and customers – includes a report following the Swedish Service Provider Association (TLF) standard specification

Invoice row generation

  • Periodical processing of recurring and non-recurring charges for your subscriptions
  • Support for generation of monthly recurring charges starting at a specific date every month, e.g., from the 16th every month (from the delivery date)
  • Support for generation of “full months” recurring charges starting the 1st every new month with a configurable periodicity in months (micro debit created first period if needed)
  • Support for creation of micro debits in last generation of a charge in the price plan
  • Adjust price or stop charging in the middle of a period (for as long as period has not been generated)

Misc. functionality

  • Globalization support for currency settings
  • View detailed billing log on customer

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