Customer Portal Backend

Solid foundation for a customer portal with self-service functionality




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Watch a demo of how you can create a pre-integrated Customer Portal

One of our Solution Architects walks you through how you can setup a pre-integrated white label customer portal.

Netadmin  - Portal Backend long demo


Creating a Customer Portal that offers true self-service functionality is not an easy thing to accomplish, but a very important business goal anyway. The complexity and effort are often hidden in the integration to the underlying systems and not so much the presentation layer or graphical portal itself.


How valuable is self-service when it comes to ordering, troubleshooting, and customer self-care?


Do you want to create a Customer Portal or Store Front and have a secure and reliable API to build this portal?

It is a risk that you try to create a Customer Portal without the underlying systems integrated. The portal will only be able to present some useful information at best. True self-care will not be achieved.


Do you want an API where you authorize as a subscriber and customer?

A dedicated API that supports subscriber authentication minimizes security risks and makes it very easy to create an integration from a portal without a lot of business logic.


The Netadmin Portal Backend makes it easy to create and manage your own customer portals to enable your customers to compare offerings, check availability, order products, troubleshoot their services, raise tickets, and manage their customer profile.

With this add-on installed, you do not need to spend your valuable time on complex business logic and instead focus on how you want to present your company and your offerings.


In the next phase of Customer Portal Backend development we will include support for a non-registered subscriber to perform the following use cases: address search, register interest, see product offerings,  place order, agree to terms and conditions and register as a customer, publish maintenance announcements and FAQ.


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