Do you have legal requirements that force you to keep track of the customer’s IP addresses?

Values & Benefits

  • Fulfill requirements by law when it comes to determine the IP address history of a customer
  • Lower your integration cost with a pre-integrated solution


The Netadmin IP Log add-on is based on DHCP information provides the functionality to determine what IP address that has been used by a customer in a certain time period, and vice versa.

Netadmin IP Log includes functionality for searching on a specific customer and get information about what IP address that the customer has been using for the specified time period. The add-on will also enable the functionality to search for an IP address together with a time period and get information about what customers that have been using the IP address within the specified time period.


Data retention ip log

The system overview shows how the DHCP data is transferred to Netadmin. There is a Graphical User Interface (GUI) in Netadmin for searching on IP and customer data.

Technical information

  • Search for a specific IP address and get customer information
  • Search for a specific customer and get its IP addresses
  • Integration made via syslog according to a specific format