Key Management

Control and manage your keys and key rings in an easy way


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Controlling your assets such as keys and key rings can soon be burdensome as your organization grows. Keeping track of your keys and key rings in a digital environment will not only minimize costs, it will also digitalize and optimize your organization.   


How much time would you save if you remove the manual processes for handling keys and other assets?


Do you have a lot of different keys with different associated sites?

Errors and mistakes will occur if you try to do things without a system in place to handle your processes – so even for your assets.


Are you trying to digitalize your organization?

Even smaller steps in your digitalization of your organization can be time-savers.


With Key Management, you can easily control all your assets in one place. Create connection between keys, key rings and sites as well as creating new and updating current ones. This will save your team time and effort, and also, preventing unnecessary time being spent on tracking keys.


This Add-on is fast to install and you are up and running in short period of time.

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