Are you looking for a stable and quality assured order capture and fulfillment process that allows you to focus on business growth, boosting customer lifetime value and reduce customer churn?

Order Management automates order capture and delivery of products offered in your network.

Values & Benefits

  • Streamlines your fulfillment process from multiple channels
  • Enables rapid business growth through automation
  • Lowers your costs for system integrations


Order Management is an order capture and order processing capability, integrated with the Netadmin UI that includes a sophisticated product catalogue and a RESTful API on top. The API is commonly used to capture orders from Retail Service Providers (wholesale), other BSS/CRM systems and customer portals. It is designed to make integrations with Netadmin easy to develop and maintain for all parties.

Order Management

Order Management captures orders from various channels and automates the decomposition of your product offerings into technical services. The product catalogue is designed to be able to quickly launch new products based on re-usable products and services. This enables creating targeted campaigns and bundled offerings without changing the way your services are provisioned. Relevant product offerings make the customer decision process easier and contributes to faster service uptake.

Order Management streamlines the order entry, delivery, and service fulfillment process in Netadmin. Ensuring your orders are delivered on time is a requisite for steady cash flow and contributes to a good customer experience and ultimately reduces churn. The included API is easy to integrate with from other business systems and can also be easily adopted by external Retail Service Providers. For this reason, Order Management has a proven role in a wholesale open access business model as well as for vertical operators.


  • Product catalogue for wholesale and retail products, bundles, and campaigns
  • Create custom characteristics for your products
  • List addresses, active services, and feasible products
  • Check product availability on addresses
  • Fully automated order capture and decomposition of order/products into services
  • List and search orders, view order status and update orders
  • Suitable in combination with the Netadmin Billing and the Customer Portal Backend Add-Ons for a complete solution for vertical operators

Tech info

  • OAuth2 authenticated RESTful API
  • Plugin development possible in .NET