Do you need a standardized and proven API for external Service Providers?

The ON/PI API (Open Networks/Provider Interface API) Add-on is a REST API used to enable Service Providers to order wholesale services and receive availability and troubleshooting information on addresses

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ON/PI API is a standardized and commonly used API specification on the Swedish open fiber network market. The purpose is to have a technical foundation for the interoperability between Service Providers and Network Operators. This Add-on is an implementation of ON/PI API of different versions built on top of Netadmin which allows for automation between Service Providers and Network Operators.

Netadmin has implemented version 2.2, 2.3 (as separate Add-ons) and working with version 2.4. 


Included API capabilities

  • Feasibility – Retrieve network accesses which are connected and service can be provided

  • Availability – Retreive details on a specific access including which specific services can be provided with consideration taken to existing active services
  • Service Activation – Placing orders of wholesale services
  • Order Events – Retrieve service activation order status
  • Option82 Lookup – Retrieve access based on DHCP Option 82
  • Fault Management Link Status – Retrieve access network status for troubleshooting purposes
  • Services - Retrieve active services on an access

Please see the product sheet for additional information.