Are you able to quickly launch new services?

Are you in need of a consolidated order, provisioning, service availability system?

Values & Benefits

  • Lowered time-to-market for new deployment of products and services 
  • Flexible and structured modelling of your fulfillment process lowers OpEx costs for changes and maintenance


The Service Provisioning capability support the operator’s “Order to cash” or fulfillment process. Netadmin Service Provisioning is highly configurable and used for provisioning of a wide range of services and network infrastructures. 

One of the key principles of the design of Service Provisioning is to make service design flexible and powerful, but still quick and simple. This is achieved by breaking down the various provisioning processes into smaller, re-usable, blocks which in combination forms the complete chain of provisioning tasks. This makes Netadmin quick to adapt to new network technologies, access technologies and network devices.

Service Provisioning takes care of subscription transfers between customers and locations. Service Provisioning also takes care of move, connection/disconnection, activation/deactivation and bandwidth limitation/de-limitation and many more operations.