Do you spend a lot of time with registration of new subscribers in your network?

Is your customer service organization struggling with creating/modifying/deleting subscriptions from your customers?

Do you lack a clear communication channel with your customers?

Values & Benefits

  • Minimize time-to-market and OpEx costs by letting the customers enable and manage their own services
  • Keep the customer information in one place by using the ticket management functionality


By complementing Netadmin with an subscriber self service portal, you will empower your customers with tasks otherwise limited to your in-house customer service organization. This results in lower OpEx for your organization at the same time as your customers will have an easier task in signing up for your services, thus increasing your revenue.

End Customer Portal

Self-registration and activation are examples of two tasks available in the portal. These are the first steps for automatically signing up a new customer in your network. The first step in the process is for the customer to register themselves in the system with required data like social security number, name and billing address. By registering themselves the customers also inform the system where they are connected physically in the network. This information is later used to configure the various network devices accordingly to provide the customer with requested services, all without any work required by the customer service help desk.

Furthermore the self service portal can be populated with troubleshooting tools that helps the end customer in locating issues with their connectivity. This can greatly reduce the work load on your customer service organization.


  • Self-registration (often used in pre-cabled networks)
  • Self-activation of services
  • Trouble ticket management
  • Relocation (within the network)
  • Service information and troubleshooting
  • Information about services, documents and FAQ
  • Subscriber profile management
  • Language, service settings, invoice address, login credentials and account settings