Does Open Access/Wholesale management get you in a triangle drama between subscriber, the Open Access/Wholesale buyer/service provider and your organization?

Would you like to get better profits because the Open Access/Wholesale buyer/retail service provider can solve issues independently, for example order products, create trouble tickets or troubleshoot the customer?

The Service Provider Portal helps you manage your wholesale business

Values & Benefits

  • Improves the problem-to-resolve process
  • Service Providers can create orders themselves
  • Helps you attract Service Providers to your network which enables higher penetration rates and better margins in your business case
  • Minimization of costly triangle-dramas between Subscriber, Service Provider and you


Service providers, in an Open Access/Wholesale network scenario, connecting to external networks often find themselves in a “black hole” situation, where they don’t get access to service status and other vital information to be able to verify SLA of their services, unlike in their networks.

With Netadmin, network owners can offer a portal (and API) to service providers, giving them access to the same status and customer service related information that the network owner has.

This way, service providers can access all information needed to take care of customer service tasks properly. They can answer questions about which services subscribers can access. They can connect, disconnect, and move services, and track tickets and initiate error reports.

This lowers the operational costs for both the service provider and network operator. Operational expenses are also lowered due to the fact that no “blame game” between the multiple actors is created because they share the same information about how the network is performing. This will help the network operator to achieve the vision of a fully automated network and therefore keeping the same amount of helpdesk staff even when expanding the network.