How to support the service assurance processes of an operator?

How to lower problem-to-resolve times?

How to determine the impact on customers and services when a failure occurs?

Values & Benefits

  • Being able to see fault and performance data from a customer and subscription point of view
  • Service monitoring solution with multi-vendor support
  • Root-cause and customer impact analysis based on network topology gives lowered problem-to-resolve times


The Netadmin Service Monitoring capability monitors your network. It is designed to provide comprehensive functionality to support the service assurance processes of an operator.

Netadmin Service Monitoring is a flexible and configurable monitoring system designed for multithreaded monitoring of IP enabled devices via protocols like SNMP or SSH.

It is designed with flexibility in mind in order to allow a Netadmin user to create their own monitoring services by creating monitoring templates, graph definitions, rule sets and device drivers. The drivers collect monitoring data from the devices and the monitoring definitions specify threshold rule sets defining when to send alarms, how to draw graphs and more.

The screenshot below shows a port traffic graph.


The simplicity with which monitoring information can be published in various parts of the Netadmin system is a major advantage of Netadmin Service Monitoring.

For instance it is possible to publish monitoring graphs on a per customer subscription basis in order to view the port traffic graph directly on a customer’s subscription.

Netadmin Inventory will also display monitoring data, like Service Level and performance graphs for the network devices.