Are your customer service support staff not able to give your customers the level of help you are expecting?

Would you like your customers to be able to communicate with your support staff using tickets?

Are you looking for a solution for structured communication with external contractors and service providers?

Values & Benefits

  • Comprehensive and cost-effective ticket management solution
  • Built-in representation of telecom operators data and processes gives low customization and maintenance cost
  • Pre-integrated with Inventory, Provisioning and Monitoring capabilities


Netadmin Ticket Management is a significant part of Netadmin used to support and model the network operator's business processes. By tight integration with the rest of the system, it provides your support staff with the required information to help your customers in a seamless, easy to use fashion. The information provided is presented throughout the system in such a way that support staff never has to take any extra measures in locating required data, thus minimizing the time spent on every ticket and saving your organization valuable time and money.

Ticket Flows

The module simplifies the often complex communication process with external parties by allowing them to log in to the system and use it to respond to ongoing tickets without having to integrate with 3rd party systems. This is made possible by utilizing the highly flexible and powerful access control system, thus making it possible to limit the access for 3rd party contractors to only the Netadmin Ticket Management. Additionally, Netadmin Ticket Management supports e-mail notifications to the users, which is very helpful when you have users that aren't working in the system as their primary system.

If you are operating a Wholesale/Open Access network where external service providers provide services on top of your infrastructure, Netadmin Ticket Management is pre-integrated to the Netadmin Service Provider Portal, making communication between you and the service provider truly seamless.

If you allow your customers to communicate directly with your support staff, Netadmin provides a self-service portal. Part of this portal is direct integration with Netadmin Ticket Management, where the customers can manage their tickets.


Netadmin Ticket Management is a flexible and tightly integrated trouble ticketing tool in Netadmin. It provides the following functionality:

  • Ticket templates
  • A template lets you design the graphical layout of the submission form of a ticket, making it look and feel like you want it to. The template also allows data retrieval from various parts of the Netadmin system to speed up the process of entering data in tickets.
  • Ticket flows
  • A flow is a definition of how a ticket should progress internally in your organization. It minimizes the risk of a ticket ending up in the wrong department and thus helps in meeting your SLAs.
  • Departments
  • Define your departments in the system to mirror your organization.
  • Ticket types with associated SLA levels
  • Each ticket can have its SLA level with deadlines. This requires an extra add-on called Ticket SLA.
  • Tickets associated with customers, subscriptions, network elements, and installation addresses
  • Associate a ticket with an object, and it will show up on the overview page of that particular object, making it easy to identify problems when helping your end customers quickly.
  • ITIL Ticket Management aligned case types, e.g., change, incident and problem
  • Create your case types in the system to sorts tickets into categories.