Are your customer service support staff not able to give your customers the level of help you are expecting?
Would you like your customers to be able to communicate with your support staff using tickets?
Are you looking for a solution for structured communication with external contractors and service providers?

Values & Benefits

  • Comprehensive and cost-effective ticket management solution for vertical and wholesale network operators.
  • Built-in representation of network operator’s data and processes reduces your cost for customization and maintenance.
  • Pre-integrated throughout the system with Customer Management, Inventory, Provisioning and Monitoring capabilities


Netadmin Ticket Management is a significant part of Netadmin used to support and model the network operator's business processes. Through tight integration with the rest of the system, it provides your support staff with the required tools and information to help your customers in a seamless, easy to use fashion. Tickets are presented throughout the system in such a way that support staff never has to take any extra measures in locating required information, thus minimizing the time spent on every ticket and saving your organization valuable time and money.

Ticket Flows

Ticket management is pre-integrated in many Netadmin interfaces, including the Service Provider Portal, Fiber Installation Portal, Customer Portals and APIs. It simplifies the typical complex communication process with external parties and Service Providers by allowing them to log in to the system and use it to respond to ongoing tickets without having to integrate with 3rd party systems. Additionally, ticketing works with the built-in messaging features, enabling e-mail notifications and other communication ways through extension. This is very helpful when you have users that are not working in Netadmin as their primary system.

The Netadmin Ticketing is a proven solution for wholesale/open access network operators, allowing Retail Service Providers to easily begin communicating with you and the subscribers without extensive integration. In addition, the Customer Portal Backend allows subscribers to raise and manage their own tickets in customer portals.


  • Configure the information model of tickets to reflect your organization and business processes, including your own departments, types, statuses, priorities, and other details related to tickets. The information model can easily be aligned with ITIL Ticket Management.
  • Model complex business processes with ticket flows to ensure every ticket is handled standardized and efficiently, meeting expected SLA levels.
  • Search, view, raise and respond to tickets throughout the system - including on customers, subscriptions, network elements and installation addresses.
  • Create customized ticket templates to speed up and ensure correct data entry.
  • Automate tickets from incoming emails or integrate directly with other systems using the Netadmin API
  • Suitable in combination with the Netadmin Ticket SLA Add-On to enable detailed SLA measurement and reporting.

Tech info

  • OAuth2 authenticated RESTful API
  • Ticket templates developed in .NET