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Work Order Management Update - Enhancing Efficiency and Collaboration in Fiber Field Services

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The success of a fiber operator’s business largely depends on the quality of their field service. Ongoing maintenance and issue resolution can quickly become challenging as the business expands. We are updating our Work Order Management and Field Service solution to address this challenge and increase flexibility and efficiency. This will help maximize output while minimizing labor costs.

This update stems from extensive collaboration with our customers, who recognize the value of cultivating a self-organizing workforce. By equipping field technicians with the tools to collaborate more seamlessly and independently plan daily and weekly activities, we're streamlining operations and reducing reliance on back-office intervention for prioritization and scheduling.

The telecommunications industry faces a growing shortage of skilled labor, posing challenges to expansion plans and resource utilization. As businesses scale, proactive maintenance becomes imperative to prevent critical network failures and customer disruptions. From site inspections, cleaning, filter replacements, and UPS test runs to hardware upgrades, our solution addresses these needs with targeted features.


Our update revolves around two core principles:

The Work Order Management add-on will provide functionality for:

  • Collaboration: We empower technicians with intuitive interfaces and collaboration tools to foster teamwork in the field. By enabling self-organization around daily tasks, we cultivate a highly motivated workforce capable of resolving issues efficiently. Engineers can seek colleague assistance, transfer work seamlessly, and contribute to work orders collaboratively. Full visibility into the backlog ensures everyone is informed and can optimize their efforts effectively.

  • Ad-Hoc Assignment: Our closest-to-location approach enables engineers to locate and pick up nearby work orders with minimal back-office involvement. Very often, no one knows better how to navigate the city than those working in the field. Leveraging local knowledge, technicians can efficiently handle non-time-critical tasks such as site inspections and testing, reducing overhead to maximize productivity.


Our latest Work Order Management update enhances field efficiency through collaboration and self-organization, empowering teams to overcome daily challenges and accomplish more with minimal overhead. This update will be available for all our customers in Q2 2024.


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