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Application Management Services

Partnering with Netadmin as your
Application Management Services provider.

Every fiber business is a technology company with an ever-increasing reliance on business-critical applications. 


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Optimize your fiber applications with the right partner.


Instead of hiring in-house experts for every aspect of application management, organizations have another option –
to partner with Netadmin, as your Application Management Services (AMS) expert.


Cooperation means more eyes and tools.

As you know, most of the systems out there require maintenance to operate at their best. It's important to make sure that data and environments are healthy in as many aspects as possible.

Teaming up with Netadmin’s Application Maintenance Services experts means more proactive eyes and tools to keep track of many of the important parameters and trends. We’ll make sure that the system is in the desired state and is working as optimally as possible – now and tomorrow. Let’s stay on top of things together!




Does your IT personnel work with the right things?

Today there is always a balance between staffing up on your own or hiring experts in order to operate your system stack as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

With AMS services from Netadmin you have the opportunity to balance the workload for your own staff and at the same time gain deeper insight and understanding in system operation by teaming up with experts.




Operation performance is key.

To have the privilege of trusting system operation performance is essential for you to be able to focus on growing and evolving your core fiber business.

Therefore, one of the key ambitions for us when delivering an AMS service is to relive and unburden you and your organizations for just doing that and at the same time trust that your system will cope with today’s operations and tomorrow’s requirements.




Partnering with Netadmin as Application Management Services provider.

Benefits of Netadmin AMS partnership.


Enables customers' own personnel to focus on growing core business.


Dedicated single point of contact for issues and service request.


Improve application uptime through proactive monitoring and reporting.


Continuous innovation through optimizing and perfective measures.


More skilled own personnel by ongoing interaction and dialogue with system experts .


More eyes and tools to make sure that data, trends and environments are healthy.


Assistance with executing ordinary daily customer tasks.

Application Management


Core elements of Netadmin Application Management Services.


Relieve & Unburden

Increased productivity & efficiency of the customers' organization is the assignments' main benefit and objective. Beyond AMS' core tasks, other operational tasks could be included that positively affect reducing customer operation.

E.g., related ticketing system, monitoring specific data for duplicates, access right management for users, change/release management, test environment management, performing data extracts.

Monitor & analyze

Continuously monitoring system performance is essential to benchmark system operation, detect and analyze deviating patterns, and identify potential upcoming issues early.

This involves, e.g., system resources like CPU, memory, disk, database table health, job execution, SSL certificates, etc.

Prevent & avoid

Based on identified issues and/or deviations. Measures are taken to avoid potential future operational disturbances.

Deviations could e.g., be logs with ominous warnings, fast-growing tables, graphs with deviating patterns, new levels of jobs in a certain state, etc.

Suggest & improve

In cooperation and with customer involvement, proactive and perfective improvements are discussed before being implemented.

As a result of the monitoring and analyzing part, there are often wise and recommended measures to take to make sure obstacles are cleared early on to preserve or improve performance.


As a result of deeper insight and understanding in business operation and processes, constructive ideas of how to optimize parameters, flows, and queries are discussed with the customer, and agreed measures are implemented.

Manage & report

A monthly report covering system status and health and actions carried out is produced and presented.

Netadmin Application Management Services assignments.

Area of monitoring for:

Database health

Area of monitoring for:

Performance & assurance

Area of monitoring for:

Customer assistance

Area of monitoring for:

Transparency and information

Customer Case

Delta Fiber - experiences from an Application Management Assignment

Netadmin delivers an AMS service to Delta Fiber Netherlands. 

Stories of Activating Revenue Delivery with Netadmin


Delta Fiber Netherlands

Delta Fiber – experiences from an Application Management Assignement

During the last 18 months, Netadmin has delivered an Application Management assignment to DELTA Fiber…

Two girls working at café.


Netadmin helps to connect more than one million households.

Telia Company uses Netadmin to manage subscribers, services, and devices in their fiber networks.


Jersey Telecom (JT)

Jersey Telecom (JT) saves time and cost by reducing visits by field engineers.

Jersey Telecom (JT) has started converting all its copper-based customers to fiber. For this project, JT selected Netadmin as OSS.

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Whether you want to automate different tasks, improve your customer service fulfillment or get better control over your customer care, Netadmin has a solution to help you grow.

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