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Resource management

The Netadmin Resource Management module stores all your devices and other resources.

Do you have complex and costly integrations from the inventory to other OSS functions, and or having problems with getting support for new device types in your network?

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Resource Management


Is your current network inventory implemented on top of a general-purpose inventory system?

The Netadmin Resource Management capability stores all your devices and other resources.

It offers comprehensive network inventory functionality to keep track of and control the network components, spanning from passive equipment like fiber panels to core routers and datacenter entities.

Unlike several other inventory systems, the Netadmin Resource Management capability focuses on network peripherals, thus making the system more intuitive for its target audience.

Benefits with Netadmin Nine

  • Lowered cost for the introduction of new devices.

  • Lowered cost for extension of the data model due to flexible framework.

  • Pre-integrated with Provisioning, Ticket Management, and Monitoring capabilities.


Netadmin Inventory illustration


Netadmin Resource Management has several advantages compared to traditional inventory solutions by being pre-integrated with the monitoring, provisioning, and ticket management capabilities in netadmin.

This enables network owners to get maximum information exchange throughout the system without complex 3’rd party integrations. All relevant information is readily available right where the user needs it when they need it.

From an application management perspective, the inventory capability is built with openness in mind, making it possible to extend the system with new device types by anyone with the proper permissions. This removes “vendor lock-in” situations allowing your organization to customize the inventory capability as you see fit.



Netadmin Resource Management  provides two key support-features:

  • Tracking of active and passive network devices (switches, routers, patch panels etc.)

  • Supporting provisioning and monitoring with the required inventory data.

Examples of devices that can be stored in the Netadmin Resource Management:

  • Active P2P devices: Access/distribution switches, routers, CPEs/RGWs.

  • PON devices: OLT, ONT.

  • Coax devices: CMTS, modems.

  • Passive network infrastructure: ODF/MDF panels.

  • Server infrastructure: SAN, Server, UPS.

  • Wireless infrastructure: Wireless AP & modems.

The inventory capability manages:

  • Active or passive devices with cards and ports.

  • Software versions, hardware versions and configuration backups.

  • Network topology with routes/connections and connection types between devices.

  • IP networks, MAC addresses, VLAN’s and more.

  • Sites/POP’s with coordinates and contact information.

It's demo time

Watch a demo of Netadmin.

Watch an in-depth demo of Netadmin, where you'll get an overview of the system and its capabilities.

Stories of Activating Revenue Delivery with Netadmin

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Telenor Open Universe

Read how Telenor Open Universe grows with automation.

Telenor Open Universe is a wholesale operator in the Nordics. They are managing the active network and provides Layer-2 bitstream wholesale access services.

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Netadmin helps to connect more than one million households.

Telia Company uses Netadmin to manage subscribers, services, and devices in their fiber networks.


Jersey Telecom (JT)

Jersey Telecom (JT) saves time and cost by reducing visits by field engineers.

Jersey Telecom (JT) has started converting all its copper-based customers to fiber. For this project, JT selected Netadmin as OSS.

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Whether you want to automate different tasks, improve your customer service fulfillment or get better control over your customer care, Netadmin has a solution to help you grow.

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Clairton Fernandes
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Whether you want to automate different tasks, improve your customer service fulfillment or get better control over your customer care, Netadmin has a solution to help you grow.

Fill out the form and I’ll contact you shortly.

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