Get a self-playing piano for your wholesale business.

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When running a wholesale network, the ultimate goal is to create a self-playing piano. The focus should be to build your network and document it properly. 


Plan for automation from day one.

When you plan for your new network, you must think about the right automation and software support level. Profitability and automation go hand in hand when running a wholesale network.

  • Automated ordering.

  • Automated fault detection.

  • Automated installation process.

  • Automated self-care functionality.




Let the Service Providers do the work and focus on rolling out the network.

 Start with automation of installation and then move on with creating a solid automated foundation for:

  • Availability checks.

  • We standardized the product catalog and offerings.

  • Ordering process.

  • Troubleshooting.

  • Ticketing.

  • Fault detection and impact analysis.

Correct documentation is essential since the Service Providers depend on valid and available address data for their business. With accurate documentation of your network, you minimize unnecessary communication with your Service Providers.

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After the initial phase, you need a maintained, stable, and robust system.

After an initial rollout phase, you will face the importance of data quality and will fine-tune your business in many ways. You will then need a robust and stable system to improve and adapt in a controlled manner. The system must run for a long time without any disturbances. Simply a system that can support your business 24/7/365.

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The wholesale business model differs from retail or vertically integrated business model.

One of the main differences is that, as a network operator, the income per subscriber is typically lower. However, this is usually compensated by the reduced marketing and advertisement costs and the fact that first-line support is transferred from your organization to one or several service providers.



With a high level of automation, wholesale can be a great opportunity for you as a network operator to grow your footprint and convert homes passed to homes connected.

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Interoperability between network operators and service providers.

Customer service modules

Product modules help small business grow.

As the customer base grows the operational expenses of service fulfillment will increase exponentially when done manually or inefficiently.


Benefits with Netadmin Nine
  • A fully automatic service fulfilment process.

  • With a combination of smart network design, organizational readiness and support systems.

  • Fully automate customer service fulfillment.

  • Connect large volumes of customers without increasing staff, thus keeping expenses down.

Stories of Activating Revenue Delivery with Netadmin

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Telenor Open Universe

Read how Telenor Open Universe grows with automation.

Telenor Open Universe is a wholesale operator in the Nordics. They are managing the active network and provides Layer-2 bitstream wholesale access services.

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Netadmin helps to connect more than one million households.

Telia Company uses Netadmin to manage subscribers, services, and devices in their fiber networks.


Jersey Telecom (JT)

Jersey Telecom (JT) saves time and cost by reducing visits by field engineers.

Jersey Telecom (JT) has started converting all its copper-based customers to fiber. For this project, JT selected Netadmin as OSS.

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