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We help you launch, grow and build a new fiber business.

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Starting up a new fiber business is equally exciting as it can be challenging. Having supported several new fiber operators through their growth journey, we at Netadmin have the software and the know-how. 

Omnichannel approach

Talk to your customers the way they want to.

It's something of a buzz word, but it's pretty simple in reality. Some people like to make all their purchases online, while others prefer to speak with someone in person. With an omnichannel approach you give your customers the choice of how to buy from and interact with you as a supplier. Regardless of how you reach out to your customers, Netadmin will support you in providing a unified customer buying experience.



Lead capture

Find your future customers.

Perhaps you and your team have recently looked at a map of your local area and discussed different rollout possibilities. It's not an easy task, and there are several things to consider, such as your strategy, competition, demographics, and infrastructure access.

To make your decision a little bit easier, Netadmin can help you build up a database of leads by capturing registrations of interest from your website. By doing that, you know where your future customers are and can include that insight into your decision process.


The right offer

Give them want they want

Do you know your customers and what they want? Good! Because business success is dependent on having the right offer to the right customer. With the flexible product catalog in Netadmin it's easy to model and launch new offerings, bundles, and campaigns with targeted sales areas and pricing. In addition, you can continuously learn and tailor your offerings based on sales statistics according to market demand.


The right offer and speed test
From order to delivery

It's a done deal!

Giving your customers the possibility to see what they can buy and order directly online is undoubtedly a good way of providing a good purchasing experience. It's a modern and efficient way of doing business that many of us appreciate.

Netadmin will help you provide your customers with a smooth online purchasing experience using conventional sales channels. All required information is captured so that delivery can begin.

With Netadmin's single pane of glass view on your business and network, the system can seamlessly go from initiated order to fulfilled delivery. This makes things a lot easier compared with integrating multiple best-of-breed systems. It's a done deal!



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Customer service modules

Product modules help small business grow.

As the customer base grows the operational expenses of service fulfillment will increase exponentially when done manually or inefficiently.


Benefits with Netadmin Nine
  • A fully automatic service fulfilment process.

  • With a combination of smart network design, organizational readiness and support systems.

  • Fully automate customer service fulfillment.

  • Connect large volumes of customers without increasing staff, thus keeping expenses down.

Stories of Activating Revenue Delivery with Netadmin

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Telenor Open Universe

Read how Telenor Open Universe grows with automation.

Telenor Open Universe is a wholesale operator in the Nordics. They are managing the active network and provides Layer-2 bitstream wholesale access services.

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Netadmin helps to connect more than one million households.

Telia Company uses Netadmin to manage subscribers, services, and devices in their fiber networks.


Jersey Telecom (JT)

Jersey Telecom (JT) saves time and cost by reducing visits by field engineers.

Jersey Telecom (JT) has started converting all its copper-based customers to fiber. For this project, JT selected Netadmin as OSS.

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