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Creating and growing a profitable fiber business requires operators to increase revenues, maintain or increase market share and keep costs down. For many fiber operators, it is also essential to reach municipal or regional broadband goals and vision.

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Capture the actual value from day 1

Based on our experience, we see that there is often a significant potential for minimizing the costs for register of interest, installation, customer on-boarding, service activation, and billing process. Start-up and greenfield operators are struggling with this daily. It is not only costs, but it is also a matter of time. And time is a valuable asset when trying to build as much fiber as possible in a limited time frame.

If you try to automate these processes and make them more efficient, you will have faster growth and release time for the planning and build strategies instead. This has a significant impact on your business plan.


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Let us take care of your Netadmin

Like most Business Managers, you have a lot on your plate and prioritize your time. Like any system, Netadmin needs some care to perform at its best from time to time. This includes keeping your system up-to-date with the latest patches, taking regular backups, and proactively performing measures. Our online documentation makes those tasks more straightforward, but we can also manage your Netadmin if you prioritize other tasks.


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Why choose Netadmin for your fiber journey?

A modern solution.

It’s essential to follow the product’s life cycle and keep it up to date to deliver a solution that will work overtime. We strive to work with sus-taining engineering to keep the software accurate. Our software is an overall solution with pre-integration to many other software solutions on the market.

A product that will last

A custom software for your business might be good in the short-term, but it will drastically increase your costs for maintaining and adding new features in the long-term. As a product company, we make sure that you have a purpose-built and reliable product that you can grow with and ensure that it stays up to date with the latest features and improvements.

A network of partners

The most important thing for us is our customers. That means that we always try to help you grow your fiber business in the way that works best for you. We have partnered with many different companies that can assist in every aspect of your Netadmin. With local knowledge and presence, we see partners as a complement to us.

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“It was clear to me that we had to invest in process automation to get out of the fire-fighting mentality and shift into a more proactive network management approach which allows us to focus on ‘keeping the lights on’ and provide an outstanding customer experience,” says Andreas Åström, Networks Manager (Layer 2) at Northpower Fibre.
Andreas Åström
Network Manager, Northpower Fibre.
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Stories of Activating Revenue Delivery with Netadmin

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Telenor Open Universe

Read how Telenor Open Universe grows with automation.

Telenor Open Universe is a wholesale operator in the Nordics. They are managing the active network and provides Layer-2 bitstream wholesale access services.

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Netadmin helps to connect more than one million households.

Telia Company uses Netadmin to manage subscribers, services, and devices in their fiber networks.


Jersey Telecom (JT)

Jersey Telecom (JT) saves time and cost by reducing visits by field engineers.

Jersey Telecom (JT) has started converting all its copper-based customers to fiber. For this project, JT selected Netadmin as OSS.

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