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Implementation of One Touch Switching (OTS).

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Implementation of One Touch Switching (OTS).


A few years ago, the UK government implemented the European Electronic Communications Code Directive, which includes regulations for switching service providers. Under the new regulations, the gaining provider will lead the switching process, and the regulator OFCOM has approved a One Touch Switching (OTS) approach.
This means that end users only need to contact the gaining provider to initiate the switch. TOTSCo, established by the telecom industry in June 2022, aims to handle the switching processes for fixed voice and broadband services.

Netadmin Systems proactively engaged with TOTSCo from the beginning, participating in meetings, discussions, and presentations to ensure the successful implementation of OTS. Additionally, frequent talks have been held with our customers to guarantee the seamless implementation of OTS within Netadmin.

Some of our key findings during the implementation process include:

  • Since some of our customers run both UI and API, good documentation is important for understanding installation, possible integration, and workflow regarding OTS.
  • The OTS addon will be a long-term commitment from our side, including the collaboration with TOTSCo.
  • When we started developing the integration with the TOTSCo hub, we decided to put extra focus on debugging tools. We know from experience that when integrating with other systems, things can sometimes go wrong. Hence, we have developed views where you can follow what has been sent and received and what potentially went wrong.
  • OTS should be seen as part of the regular handling when placing orders; it is thus an integrated step in the regular order journey. This step uses the same new standard API for OTS as integrations from customer portals.
  • Address data can sometimes vary in quality and structure. Therefore, we have made some parts of the address lookup pluginable. However, we choose to include a standard plugin, whose purpose is to support the structure if it is set up according to Royal Mail's Postcode Address File.
  • The messages sent out from LP can vary greatly, so we also chose to make this part pluginable. In other words, our customers can customize "implications" and "Sorry to see you go" however they want. We have also chosen to include a default plugin for our customers who want a simpler message layout.

 Learn more: One Touch Switch.

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