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Netadmin and Lounea are collaborating to enhance the customer experience with the Netadmin 9.1 OSS/BSS suite.

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Netadmin and the Finnish network operator Lounea have recently signed a 3-year contract, solidifying their long-standing partnership. 

Since 2011, Netadmin has provided OSS/BSS services to Lounea, a Finnish telecommunications company, through their local partner Enkom Active. Recently, Netadmin has entered into a new agreement with Lounea to directly provide the latest version of their OSS/BSS suite, Netadmin 9.1.

This updated version of the platform has many new features that will help Lounea better manage its customers and addresses, streamline its ordering and service provisioning processes, and efficiently handle tickets and monitoring, but it also includes automation capabilities that will further streamline the processes.

This will enable Lounea to provide an even more seamless experience for its customers and improve overall operations and customer satisfaction. With the latest Netadmin 9.1 OSS/BSS suite, Lounea is well-equipped to succeed in the Finnish fiber industry.


Riku Päärnu, CTO at Lounea, emphasized the importance of maintaining and updating their platforms to meet current and future requirements.

— This new agreement, as well as the upcoming migration, will give us the tools needed - it is crucial for us to ensure that our platforms remain relevant and up-to-date and thereby enable us to deliver best in class customer experiences with a high degree of automation and quality, not just for present needs but also to meet future requirements.
He said that this new agreement, along with the forward-looking migration that is soon to come, will provide us with the enhanced tools and API’s to achieve this goal.

— We are very happy to be a direct part with Lounea and look forward to a common fruitful cooperation and glad to be joining their successful and exciting journey ahead. As a long-term vendor, our strong ambition is that the new Netadmin 9.1 platform and our knowledge will enable Lounea to improve and streamline OSS and BSS processes in the operations.

Håkan Nilhammar, VP Customer Care, Netadmin.


Netadmin and Lounea are both excited about the new opportunities this contract will bring and look forward to continuing their successful partnership for years.


 Press release as PDF. 


About Netadmin

Netadmin Systems enables positive digital experiences for internet users by supplying essential software for open-access fiber operators. As a vertical software company, Netadmin is creating purpose-built solutions based on their product Netadmin Nine supporting fiber operators on their journey of building, operating, and monetizing fiber networks.  

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About Lounea

Lounea is Finland's largest and fastest-growing fiber optic operator in the FTTH market and the fourth-largest telecommunications operator. Lounea has been building fiber optic networks for over 15 years and has invested around 150 million euros in fiber optic networks since 2010. Lounea's network is one of the largest in Finland and will reach half a million Finns nationwide in 2023.

To learn more: Visit lounea.fi



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