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New major release: Netadmin Nine 9.1 now available

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Netadmin, a key provider of software purposely built for fibre operators starting, transiting to, or operating a fibre business, is proud to announce the release of Netadmin 9.1.

"Our Netadmin community provides us with valuable feedback that inspires new features and helps us shape the future of our product. With Netadmin Nine, we introduced a whole new generation of our product, and now it is time to take the next step on this journey. Netadmin 9.1 brings many new features and improvements that we are very excited to have our customers try," Netadmin Product Manager Ulf Engstrand said.

In focus:

  • Usability and Productivity
  • Order Management Integrability
  • Supporting OpenID Connect (OIDC)
  • Utilizing new operating system versions and databases

Since the release of Netadmin Nine, many of Netadmin's customers have seen the benefits and strengths of the new product generation – a modern business system with smart user interfaces and RESTful services on top that also enables an excellent possibility for customizations and extendibility through Add-ons.


Productivity through Usability

In Netadmin 9.1, several processes and actions that users perform regularly have been reviewed and adjusted to improve usability and productivity. Configuration and settings have been reorganized to make the user interface even more intuitive, making the system easier to learn and remember common tasks. The Order Management capability has been further pre-integrated with other system capabilities, seeing that it is today the central feature for order capture and order processing for many customers.

Selected features and improvements: 

  • New layout and structure that is easier to navigate and learn.
  • Simpler ACL configuration
  • New and improved order capture, customer registration, and order handling processes on customers and addresses for faster order submission.
  • Easier management of your product catalog through the new wizard guide, a product catalog migration tool, and the new catalog hierarchy browser.
  • Introducing a completely new area for subscription management to make it easier to find subscriptions and use the system without customer information.
  • Introduced quick options for subscriptions, allowing doing common tasks with as few clicks as possible, such as deactivation, abuse blocking, or disconnection.
  • Control what customer data is used by the system, making sure relevant information is displayed or collected about customers in different processes of the business.


Order Management Integrability

Going hand in hand with the increased use of the Order Management capability among customers and the goal to provide customers with modern technologies, Order Management now enables RESTful integration using the standard Netadmin Nine REST API. This makes integrations easier to develop, test, and maintain, which is especially important for wholesale operators to efficiently onboard new retail service providers.

Selected features and improvements:

  • New RESTful methods for Order Management
  • Introducing Product Characteristics to enable specified product offerings and more sophisticated product configurations in the order capture process.
  • Improved control of product orderability and order processing


Supporting OpenID Connect (OIDC)

The authentication framework now supports OpenID Connect (OICD) integration with third-party OIDC providers, such as Microsoft/Azure AD (ADFS), Google, Keycloak, and Okta. Integrating with a third-party provider removes the need to manage user credentials in Netadmin, allows for single sign-on if supported by the provider, and enables automatic onboarding of new users. 


Levelling up - new operating system versions and databases

Netadmin 9.1 utilizes newer operating system versions and supports multiple choices of database servers. It runs on Windows Server 2019 and Ubuntu 20.04, on top of the commercial or community edition of Oracle MySQL 8.0 using InnoDB, or Percona Server for MySQL. This enables the freedom of choice depending on the needs of the operator.



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