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Better late than ever - it’s time to say hello to Roger!

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It's time to say hello to our Marketing Communications Manager, Roger Haraldsson! Roger has been with us for 20 months now - but it feels like he's been here forever. We're very happy to have him on board. But who is Roger behind the scenes? What exactly does he do as MarCom Manager? Finally, it's time for you to get to know Roger a little better!


So, Roger, what did you do before Netadmin?

I joined Netadmin in October 2021 after working as Marketing Communications Manager at ELITS, where I was part of the growth journey from 20 to 120 employees, ending in the merger of ELITS with Iver.


What are you passionate about in your role as MarCom Manager?

First, I’m delighted to be joining Netadmin and the software industry. I love software and digital transformation because it is constantly changing. There is always something new, and there’s no room for things to get boring. And I love marketing and comms. Because you get to be involved in just about every aspect of the business. One minute you’re working with the SMarketing team; the next, you’re discussing user feedback with the Customer Care team and working on exciting projects together with HR/Recruiting; and the next, you’re teaming up with the R&D team.


‘The leadership of the company is committed to making Netadmin a great place to work - where people want to spend their careers.’’


Why did you start working here with us at Netadmin?

My first contact with Netadmin was actually through a headhunter. I wasn't necessarily looking for a new job at the time, so it was a pleasant surprise. After meeting with some members of the team, I was impressed with the company's approach, and I became eager to learn more.

I had been with ELITS for almost a decade, and while it was a great experience and fun years of building a great company and developing a strong brand in the consulting industry, however, I was ready for new challenges and opportunities to grow, and I knew that I wanted to return to the software industry. Overall, I felt that joining Netadmin would be a positive step forward for my career.


Now that you have been working with us for about 20 months, how has it been so far?

Incredibly good; what a great bunch of Netadmins we are! The last 20 months have been a fun journey, both for me personally and for us as Netadmin. Our hard work has paid off, our brand is stronger than ever, and we've set a high bar for ourselves. But we're not stopping here - together, we can achieve even greater success in the future. The possibilities are endless, and we're ready for them!


How do you see us taking Netadmin to the next level, developing our brands?

In my opinion, the key to Netadmin's success lies in our emphasis on innovation and teamwork - engaged and passionate employees are the driving force behind our success, so we must continue to foster a positive and supportive work environment that encourages growth and development.

Of course, it is essential that we remain at the forefront of the industry by continuously creating fresh and exciting products and services that meet our clients needs. To achieve this, we must remain adaptable and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

At the same time, we must devote our efforts to continue building a solid brand and reputation in the markets. This requires us to proactively engage with our customers and establish solid partnerships with collaborators.

Furthermore, I strongly believe that investing in our Netadmins and providing our employees with the latest innovations, tools, and resources is essential to our continued success. Not only will this help us excel in our roles, but it will also contribute to the overall success of our organization. In addition, knowledge sharing is a critical component, and we must continue to encourage our team members to share their insights and expertise with one another.

By doing so, we can all grow and learn together, making us a stronger and even more successful team.

In order to stay successful, it is also important to focus on enhancing our employer and candidate brand. This involves continuing to create a company culture that appeals to top-notch talent and establishing a reputation as a great place to work. By doing so, we can attract and retain exceptional Netadmins who are passionate and committed to our common goals, shared vision, and core values.


Tell us about your proudest work-related accomplishment.

Hmm, that's tricky; there are so many options to consider, haha! Jokes apart, let's get serious and humble and think about it. One moment that stands out was when my former employer was ranked seventh in the Great Place to Work™ rankings. It was a huge achievement for the entire team, especially considering that it is a consultancy company where it's even harder to build a strong culture. From the leadership team to every single employee, we all worked together to create a culture that was inclusive, supportive, and fun.

I am proud to have been a part of such a wonderful company and worked alongside incredible individuals. And I’m sure the next ‘proudest work-related accomplishment’ is yet to come with Netadmin.


What is the best thing about Netadmin?

Many things make Netadmin a great place to work, but the people stand out in my mind. It's clear that the team here is made up of passionate people with diverse backgrounds and experiences, which creates a truly unique and dynamic work environment.

I must say that Netadmin’s culture is definitely one of the best I’ve worked in; you really feel like you can contribute and make a difference. The people around the office are so friendly and welcoming, and it truly makes coming to work an enjoyable experience. The hybrid work possibilities are also a huge plus, and I appreciate the flexibility that Netadmin offers in terms of where and how I work.

The leadership of the company is committed to making Netadmin a great place to work - where people want to spend their careers. The people here are some of the best I’ve worked with anywhere. The connections I have with my co-workers and managers make me feel at home.

Overall, I couldn't be happier with my experience working here.


Anything you would like to add?

Yes, I love that my job enables me to connect with colleagues across Netadmin. Internal comms. touches all areas of the company, so I’m able to meet and work with people from different business groups. I also enjoy that my job allows me to focus on issues that matter to employees and have a big impact on Netadmin’s distinctive culture. Building strong brands starts from within, and that's why internal communications are so crucial.



Say Hello To Roger Haraldsson


The quick ones

Now we want to know more about you - let’s take some quick ones.

Let’s start easily (or tricky) - how would you describe yourself in three words?

That’s tricky! Autodidact, curious and humble.

What's the best career advice you've ever been given?

You need to be yourself - You can't be no one else. 

Be yourself, and being curious and humble can go a long way in helping you overcome any obstacles that might come your way. It's important to keep an open mind and be willing to learn from others, even if they don't share your perspective or approach.

What’s your passion outside work - your interest and hobbies?

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, whether it's going out to dinner or just hanging out at home. I also spend my time listening to music, going to concerts, working out at the gym, and attending as many games as possible to support our local hockey team.

Whom do you admire and why?

I feel lucky to have such an amazing family. My wife and two boys are my worlds; I admire them more than words express. They bring so much joy and love into my life, and I am grateful for them every day.

What is played in your headphones?

Today, Ghost, Liam Gallagher, Pascal, and Thåström.

Top 3 apps used on your phone currently are:

Notion, Twitter, Safari.

If I could choose one superpower, that would be…

The ability to communicate telepathically.


If you're interested in joining Netadmin and want to know more about our current job openings, check out our careers page.