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Say hello to Ulf Engstrand

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Welcome to our "Say Hello To" series, where we introduce you to the talented individuals behind the scenes at Netadmin. In this edition, we are excited to introduce you to Ulf Engstrand, our Senior Product Manager. Ulf plays a crucial role in driving innovation and delivering exceptional BSS/OSS systems for fiber businesses. Join us as we explore Ulf's journey and his passion for technology and product management.


Hi Ulf, can you describe your role at Netadmin?

As a Senior Product Manager, I conduct market and technology research, identify opportunities, propose new innovative products, and develop long-term strategic plans and roadmaps. I also perform hands-on requirement elicitation, analysis, and scoping of new products and features. Close collaboration with customers and other stakeholders is essential in my role and to our mission of delivering one of the most comprehensive BSS/OSS systems for fiber businesses in the market.

What are you passionate about being a Senior Product Manager at Netadmin?

I am deeply passionate about technology, innovation, and the transformative power of automation. The goal is always to simplify and enhance our customers' business operations. I find great satisfaction in collaborating with customers and colleagues and researching telecommunications, products, and market standards.

These are fascinating times, with industry benchmarks like TM Forum and emerging technologies like AI. It's a daily source of inspiration for me!

Tell us about your proudest work-related accomplishment. 

I am proud every time I see our customers using a new product or feature that my colleagues and I have painstakingly specified, developed, tested, and delivered. The positive feedback from our customers is my ultimate source of motivation to approach each new challenge with the same enthusiasm and dedication.

When and how come you start working here with us at Netadmin?

It was on a Thursday, in the middle of the summer in 2005, after I just graduated from university. I received a call from the CEO of Netadmin asking me if I could start the developer position on Monday next week, and at the same time inviting me to join a company golfing activity on the upcoming weekend. This is when I first met my new colleagues and presented myself by showing my poor golfing skills. Next, I was deeply involved in developing cable pair documentation for copper access!

What does your office look like?

Working in a hybrid model, I have invested in my home office to create a cozy and inspiring environment with an Old English touch, surrounded by my collection of retro computers.

What’s your favorite time of the day?

The smiles on my kids' faces as they eagerly await my return from my office after a long workday. 😊

How much do you interact with your colleagues?

It is many interactions, both planned and spontaneous. My closest colleagues and I are often eager to share new insights and thoughts, which I enjoy as it provides constant feedback and inspiration for my work.

What is the best thing about Netadmin?

It is the feeling that everyone is dedicated and motivated to deliver their best and that we are all on a journey together towards a greater goal.


‘‘The best thing about Netadmin is the feeling of dedication and motivation towards a shared goal.’’





The quick ones

Now we want to know more about you - let’s take some quick ones.

Let’s start easily (or tricky) - how would you describe yourself in three words?

Creative, Dedicated, Retro-computer-nerd (does that count as three?)

What's the best career advice you've ever been given?

I can't recall receiving much career advice, whether that's a good or bad thing, I'm not sure!

What's your passion outside work - your personal interest and hobbies?

Music compilation and C64 MOS 6510 assembly coding (even though I do not get much time for that having three kids). I do however enjoy working on the house a lot and fishing, as a contrast to the countless hours spent in front of a computer!

Who do you admire and why?

What was the name of that Norwegian guy who invented the cheese slicer?

What is played in your headphones?

Keep on rockin’ in the free world…

At the top of my bucket list is…

Bring my whole family to Disney World in Florida.

If I could choose one superpower, that would be…

Being able to freeze time could be quite useful!

Thank you, we are happy to have you onboard!

No problem.


If you're interested in joining Netadmin and want to know more about our current job openings, check out our careers page.