Your Netadmin installation is running like clockwork, there is no need to update as long as you're not experiencing any critical issues. Updating to the latest release will just mean more work for you, taking too much of your time. Right?

Even though everything is working fine, you will not only be missing out on bugfixes, but also improved functionality and additional features.

Let us briefly describe why we believe that keeping Netadmin updated is an important consideration, both for you as a company and for your users. Whether you keep Netadmin up to date or not affects security and usability.

Security fixes

Keeping Netadmin secure is of outmost importance. Making sure that Netadmin is up to date will keep you safe from known security issues. If a security related issue is found within Netadmin, either by us or by one of our customers, we consider patching this our highest priority.

New features

Updating to newer Netadmin Nine releases will provide you with the latest features and performance enhancements. Thankfully, our developers aren't only ironing out bugs. We are constantly developing new and improved features to fulfill your demand and add new functionality that you might not yet know that you need. A few examples are the recent addition of Netadmin Nine API and ticket link notifications, that has been requested by several of our customers.

Netadmin updates vs OS updates

Equally important to Netadmin updates are operating system updates. You should make sure that the operating system is kept up to date on a regular basis, as being exposed to publicly known security holes is a big risk.

Netadmin is constantly being updated

We strive to keep updated and supply you with bugfixes and feature updates on a regular basis. Netadmin Nine releases are released every two to three weeks depending on criticality. Every release includes detailed release notes, which can be easily found in the Netadmin Installer, which will show you the release notes for all releases between Your currently installed release and the latest release. If you require more information regarding a specific fix or feature, please contact us and include the reference id from the release notes.

Stay informed

Netadmin will not disturb your users with popup messages each time a new release is available, as they are not the ones who manage your Netadmin installation. Instead, the Netadmin Installer is where you can see whether or not you have the latest release installed. Make it a habit to check regularly and read the release notes.

Netadmin Systems can help you

Netadmin Systems can assist you in keeping Your Netadmin installation up to date. With Netadmin Systems Application Management, we can handle coordination of acceptance testing of new releases, service window planning and installation of patches. Please visit this link to find out more.

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