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Global Connect has signed a 5-year contract renewal with Netadmin

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Global Connect has signed a 5-year contract renewal with Netadmin to support their B2C operations and growth plans in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Netadmin System have delivered the OSS/BSS suite Netadmin that covers integrated customer, product, provisioning, ticketing, order – and billing solutions to Global Connect business operations in the Nordics, which goes back to 2013 when the first implementation of Netadmin was deployed in Sweden (IP Only) and is followed by Global Connect operations in Denmark 2020 and Finland 2022.


"Besides consistent contractual terms, this new contract will enable GlobalConnect’s and Netadmin’s way of working regarding system setup and process harmonization in the B2C area in our different markets. In line with our new organization, reuse and scalability are key features that this new contract with Netadmin enables.”

Roger Häggqvist, Senior Director B2C IT Development, Global Connect.

"We are happy to be part of Global Connect's successful journey. We look forward to assisting, collaborating, and enabling synergies and knowledge transfer between Global Connects operations in the Nordics."

Håkan Nilhammar, VP Customer Care, Netadmin.


 Press release as PDF. 


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Håkan Nilhammar, VP Customer Care, Netadmin Systems. . 
Phone: +46 70 645 28 40 
Email: hakan.nilhammar@netadminsystems.com

Roger Haraldsson, Corporate Communications, Netadmin Systems 
Phone: +46 73 3590 240 
Email: press@netadminsystems.com