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Application Management – Because your business is worth it!

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If you’ve decided to go with and explore one of the world’s leading applications for handling your fiber business, then why not make the most of it every day, together with Netadmin’s experts? Who knows what we’ll accomplish together!


This is Application Management

Application Management (AM) is so much more than just making sure that the application works as expected, there are loads of other valuable tasks related to maintenance that may be performed to make everything just that bit smoother and more effective. Your ideas and requirements are, of course, a big part of the scope for AM.

Here are 8 brief examples from real life – just to get you started! Each example is derived from a specific Management Service, customizable through your AM agreement.

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Example 1: Proactive focus

AM proactively analyzes logs, tables, requests, system status, various system resources, etc. to be sure that all parameters are in good shape and have reasonable values for the system to operate optimally. Otherwise, if a negative statistical trend is noticed, it will be handled as a preventive ticket and receive the necessary attention. It might also result in a perfective ticket if optimizations are to prefer. Here are some examples:

  • AM notices that a well-used log table is starting to get a little large, and would need some cleaning in order to avoid affecting performance. Discussions with the system owner about the log’s storage time take place. A job for the automatic cleaning of this log will be created, installed and scheduled according to agreement.
  • AM will catch slow queries in the system that may result in unnecessary loading times for the user. If possible, the queries are optimized and then updated in the system as a maintenance patch during a service window.
  • AM notices that there is a job in a state . The particular job will be examined, along with checking if there are any similar jobs in the same state that should be dealt with at the same time. AM will find the root cause and make sure it won’t happen again.
  • AM encounters old data in the system that most likely aren’t used any more. A meeting and discussion with the system owner is scheduled to decide what data might be up for deletion. Less data to handle in the database will make any related functionality quicker.


Example 2: Security

AM handles all the requests for new accounts in the system and accepts/rejects it based on the agreed policies. It’s very important – especially these days with GDPR – not to approve overly extensive privileges to users who may see information not meant for their eyes and responsibilities.


Example 3: Ticketing

AM will take care of trouble tickets registered in other systems that are related to Netadmin and its tasks. The ticket will be handled internally, with a separate ticket ID, and then reported back to the original ticketing system.


Example 4: Meetings

AM will have comprehensive knowledge about, and understanding of, all the system integrations and how everything operates/communicates. AM will participate in meetings concerning interactions with the Netadmin system to recommend optimal solutions, inform about what’s possible in the context, and how this might potentially affect the component/overall performance. A key area of focus is always to maintain a high level of, and if possible improve, overall system performance.

AM schedules status meetings and presents information about open tickets and orders and details which of them have progressed since the last report. Status overview will also be documented and presented as a report on a regular basis if desired.


Example 5: Change management

All improvements and changes that are to be implemented in Netadmin are well documented as patches. Every patch describes the changes that are to be performed in the system during a certain service window. If there are test environments, the patches and their descriptions will apply to them as well.

AM will take care of the administration of orders outside of the scope of the AM agreement, keeping track of all the tickets and their statuses in the same place.


Example 6: Environments

All Netadmin environments and their information, integrations, etc. will be kept and updated using the agreed upon tools. All customized functionality will be documented, in the same system describing area, when it’s developed.

Changes are normally recommended to be acceptance-tested in some sort of testing environment. AM will assist with issues such as test data, account creation, and installation of changes/patches in test environments for the requirements at hand.


Example 7: Support

AM generally has daily contact with the system owner to make sure that there is always progress being made in important tickets and commitments.

AM will schedule meetings with user groups about their experiences in their daily work in the Netadmin system. The user experience is very important – are there any suggestions that might result in happier users and more effective processes? This could, for instance, be if 100 users could click once instead of three times during a specific task to achieve the same effect – there is both time and energy to gain!

Users who might want to go through some specific functions of the system, or a particular system area, may request an educational meeting at very short notice.

AM will, upon request, extract lists of data including specified information from the system that a user might need. AM will always make sure that the requestor is authorized to request the specific data. Data extracts are always encrypted and transferred securely.


Example 8: Performance

This is one of the most important areas – to make sure that the utilization and system performance is highly satisfactory.

If a disturbance is noticed or reported, the cause is tracked down and the appropriate optimization is performed in order to prevent similar disturbances in the future.

If all this sounds interesting and you would like to know more about Application Management and what it might do for you and your business, please contact us and we'll tell you more



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