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Get fiber installations right - the first time!

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If you are planning to roll-out a large number of fiber connections you may want to look into how you can ensure those connections are installed correctly and without errors.

The reason for this is that installation of fiber cables can be messy and time-consuming. Incorrect installation could potentially impair your business plan and create overruns in your projects. These complex and cumbersome processes could lead to connectivity issues and other quality problems. You could also face that the documentation is not in sync with the physical reality. This can result in budget overruns due to costly extra visits on the customer's premises, customer complaints and therefore bad customer experience and slower fiber rollout.

In order to limit the number of errors in the fiber rollout process there are some precautions that could make a big difference.


1. Verification

    a) Provide verification mechanisms. First of all it is important that the connection is verified after the installation has been done. The installer should activate the connection using a web portal or similar. You typically want to measure the optical damping levels and compare those with threshold values. The measurement could be done either by reading values automatically from either the access or customer device or by using an OTDR device, depending of the needed level of accuracy.

    b) Netadmin Nine can help you automating the process of verifying the connectivity to the customer and automating signal level reading.


2. Simplifying the activation process

    a) Let the installer connect a device, verify the connectivity and check optical values as part of the installation. The installer simply activates the access using a web portal or similar. This will limit the workload in the central office if the installer can do much of the work while installing. No extra staff needs to document how device ports are connected to address information after the installation has been completed since that is already done as part of the installation process.


3. Self-service - Let the customer do the work!

    a) Add an extra level of automation by letting the customers themselves activate their accesses. This can be done in various ways - but the main concept is to let the end customer verify the address and if required provide a valid activation code as an extra security measure.

If you are successful in using the right tools for fiber installation you could look forward to your fiber rollout with confidence. Otherwise you most likely would have a tough journey.

Netadmin has recently been working on a new Add-on called 'Fiber Installation Portal' that aims to provide functionality that improves the fiber installation process. The diagram below describes on a high level how the Fiber Installation Portal works.



If you want to know more about this Add-on click here.



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