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Healthy Place to Work

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We are thrilled to announce that Netadmin Systems has been recognized as a Healthy Place to Work by OneLab! This prestigious award is given to companies that actively work to prevent health problems at their workplace, creating conditions for a healthy and sustainable work environment.

Netadmin Systems has demonstrated its commitment to health and well-being through various initiatives. The company has completed digital health checks or health examinations to identify and map health risks in the organization and among employees. Our team has supported employees with identified health risks, providing measures they can take to increase their well-being and prevent future health problems.

Moreover, Netadmin Systems has outlined a plan for continuous and systematic work regarding the organization's work environment and health issues. This proactive approach to health and well-being exemplifies our commitment to our employees and makes Netadmin Systems a Healthy Place to Work.

The Healthy Place to Work award recognizes our efforts to create a healthy and sustainable workplace and underscores our belief that sustainable companies are created by employees who feel well. We are proud to be among the companies that actively work towards creating a sustainable future for people, businesses, and society.


Congratulations to all our Netadmins for this well-deserved recognition!


Recognition from OneLab

Congratulations Netadmin Systems!

You are a company that actively works to prevent health problems at your workplace and are, therefore, a Healthy Place to Work.

By helping your employees avoid illnesses and prevent health problems, you create conditions for a healthy and sustainable workplace. This is work that benefits both your employees, you as a company, and society at large. We think this is worth highlighting, and therefore, we want to give you the award Healthy Place to Work.

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