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How to shorten your configuration time of your switches by half

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In a fiber network, there are multiple access switches and new ones are being installed on a regular basis. The technician, that is going to install the switch, has to spend a lot of time preparing the configuration of these as well as spending a lot of time doing the actual installation. In those cases where something goes wrong in this manual process, the technician has to manually trace where the error has occurred and often redo the same process again.

 Your technician’s time could be spent more advisedly.

How does your company handle the configuration of new access switches for your customers? Does the technician configure the basic configuration for the switch when the switch is going to be installed? Or is the switch already configured when the technician goes out to install it. Even if you do it in either of these ways, the processes are time-consuming and not efficient, and if your network is growing this time thief will be even more prominent.

Here’s an example of a manual way to install a new switch.




The example above is a pretty normal way to install an access switch. But when your network grows or switches need to be replaced with better capacity, what do you do then? And what if some changes in your way to manage this could lead to a better process which leads to an easier and more automatized installation of access switches?


 What would it mean for you if we could half the time your technicians spend on installation switches?

We’ve automated the same process as above but instead of seven steps, and a cumbersome process, we’ve manage to slim it down to just three steps.  


The benefits of this way to install access switches are massive. The technician doesn’t need to configure anything in the switch, which leads to that less errors in the configuration file and a quicker installation. The technician will use a smartphone to install the switch on site. It will also make life easier for the technician because there is no need to bring the computer to the field.

How many switches do your staff install? Want to hear more about how we have solved this for our customers? Contact us and we’ll help you too.



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