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Netadmin and One Touch Switching (OTS)

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The UK government has decided on implementing the European Electronic Communications Code Directive, which includes switching. A switching process led by the gaining provider. OFCOM has agreed on a One Touch Switching (OTS) approach. This must be in operation cross-industry by April 2023.

There will be an OTS hub to which you will connect your OSS/BSS to facilitate this process. The OTS hub will be created by The One Touch Switching Company or TOTSCo for short. Netadmin has a goal to create an add-on that will provide the needed connectors and process support for connecting to the OTS hub before April 2023. 

Netadmin is part of the OFFTA led Switch Working Group thereby we also participate in process design walkthrough and review meetings so we have a good understanding of the overall process and the timeline going forward. 

As OSS/BSS vendor implementing support for process interacting with the new OTS hub we at Netadmin have communicated to the group that there needs to be a technical specification earliest possible to meet the stated timeline. Information on a conceptual level has been shared but is yet not detailed enough to start implementation. While awaiting further technical information, we stay connected and continue to take part in meetings and information initiated by the OFFTA.  

The planning shared indicates a RFP released hopefully during summer. After an OTS hub implementation vendor has been assigned it is up to that vendor to provide technical information, hopefully during Autumn 2022, so that we can develop during Spring 2023. As a systems provider we would need to have the OTS hub in operation at least six (6) months before April 2023 so that we have the time needed for development. It is a tight schedule but at Netadmin we will do what we can to achieve the deadline and deliver on time for our UK customers.


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Johan Hjalmarsson, Product Marketing Manager, Netadmin Systems.