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Netadmin Announces Strategic Partnership with LXS Consulting to Serve UK Market.

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Partnership to focus on customer journey automation for fibre operators throughout the country 

This is for Netadmin, an essential collaboration. It continues to expand an already significant presence in the UK broadband sector, having started to work with altnets in the country back in 2009. There are today nine UK altnets automating their operations with Netadmin Nine. LXS Consulting joins forces with Netadmin as a partner bringing along a deep understanding of the telecoms industry, OSS/BSS strategies and projects, and value adding service and solutions to Netadmin.

"Netadmin has always had a keen interest in the UK broadband market and the last 3 or so years have proven particularly exciting. We are confident many more altnets see the value of running their business on our purpose-built software, and teaming up with LXS Consulting underscores our continuous commitment towards that potential.”

Edward Rutgerson, VP Sales at Netadmin."

"We have thoughtfully selected to partner with Netadmin as we believe that this strategic partnership will together with our existing offerings and services help to provide a turn-key solution for our customers."

Nathan Spilstead, Director of Consulting at LXS Consulting.

Our existing and prospective clients view Netadmin as a trusted vendor in the UK with a proven platform that enables customers to deliver services quickly while enabling them to scale via automation as their business matures and grows.


About Netadmin

Netadmin Systems enables positive digital experiences for the world's internet users by providing essential software for wholesale fibre operators. As a vertical software company, Netadmin is creating purpose-built solutions based on their product Netadmin Nine supporting fibre operators on their journey of Building, Operating and Monetizing fibre networks.  

Founded in 2004, Netadmin has since then been a major contributor to the Fiber-to-the-Home industry in the Nordics, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the UK serving more than 75 customers, including Telia, Telenor and utility companies offering communication services in fibre networks.

Since 2015 Netadmin has been owned by Lumine Group, a portfolio of Volaris Group and a subsidiary of Constellation Software Inc. Learn more at www.netadminsystems.com.



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