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NETCONF and YANG: The Future of Network Management

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NETCONF (Network Configuration Protocol) and YANG (Yet Another Next Generation) have become integral parts of modern network management and are on track to replace older management methods. This article aims to guide understanding of NETCONF and YANG and their significance in network operations.

The fiber industry constantly evolves, with new technologies emerging to enhance network management and operation. NETCONF and YANG have become pivotal for fiber operators, promising a more efficient and dynamic way of managing network devices.


Quick summary

  • NETCONF is a network management protocol; think SNMP or a vendor command line interface.

  • YANG is a data modeling language used to define the structure and semantics of data for network configuration and management.

  • NETCONF and YANG provide a standardized approach to network configuration and management across different vendors' devices, removing the inconsistencies between CLI and SNMP.




Understanding NETCONF/YANG

NETCONF is based on XML and operates over a secure transport layer such as SSH or TLS. Using NETCONF, network administrators can remotely configure network devices, retrieve device information, and perform other management tasks in a vendor-agnostic and consistent way.

On the other hand, YANG is a potent data modeling language designed explicitly for network configuration and management purposes. Vendors and standards bodies already provide YANG models for almost all use cases, making it easy for network administrators to implement YANG-based solutions.


"The future of network management is here, and it's powered by NETCONF and YANG. Discover how these technologies revolutionize network operations for fiber operators."

Mattias Bergsten, Product Evangelist.


The Benefits for Fiber Operators

Standardization: NETCONF and YANG provide a standardized network configuration and management approach, enabling interoperability across different vendors' devices. This simplifies network operations and reduces the complexity of managing heterogeneous network environments.

Vendor Neutrality: One of the major advantages of NETCONF and YANG is its vendor-neutral approach. Fiber operators are not locked into a single vendor's ecosystem, allowing for greater flexibility in choosing network equipment and surrounding support systems.

Consistency: NETCONF and YANG ensure consistency in network configuration and management. The devices can verify that the new configuration is correct before it is applied, and configuration is applied in one transaction across multiple devices so that no device can end up with only some or no changes applied.

Automation: Network administrators can leverage NETCONF and YANG to implement closed-loop network automation, where a network management system can be supplied with an intended state network-wide, and the system takes care of configuration, monitoring, and problem remediation, ensuring that the network operates within desired parameters.

Monitoring: NETCONF and YANG also support monitoring capabilities through YANG Push. This allows network devices to proactively send updates and notifications to a network management system, enabling real-time monitoring and event-driven automation. With YANG Push, network administrators can stay informed about changes in network status and quickly respond to any issues or anomalies.

Reduced Operational Costs: By streamlining network management processes and reducing the need for manual intervention, NETCONF and YANG can significantly lower operational costs for fiber operators.


For fiber operators, NETCONF and YANG are not just technological advancements; they are strategic tools that enhance network management, scalability, and reliability. As the demand for high-speed, reliable fiber optic networks grows, embracing NETCONF and YANG can provide a significant competitive advantage in an increasingly dynamic market. By adopting this technology, fiber operators can ensure they are well-equipped to manage today's and tomorrow's networks.

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