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Offering Bulk Internet with the Freedom of Choice

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For many people, having an internet broadband connection at home has become a natural necessity, akin to basic needs for electricity and heating. At the very least, people expect to be able to pay their bills, communicate with family and friends, and participate in social media from day one after moving into a new home.


For this reason, many MDU (Multi-Dwelling Unit) property owners and condo associations are turning to bulk Internet or managed WiFi to find a cost-effective solution for all their residents. An active broadband connection has become a competitive edge and a sign of forward-thinking for property owners looking to attract new tenants.

In short, bulk Internet is an agreement with a Communication Service Provider (CSP) to provide broadband services to all the residents in a property or community. Services typically include internet access and sometimes TV and telephony. The main advantage highlighted is the lower price offered with such an agreement compared to standard retail prices. It also simplifies the process for many residents, as they don't have to explore and manage broadband connectivity on their own, with broadband fees included in the rent. This can be a huge upside for people with less technical broadband experience, ensuring everyone has equal rights to participate in the digital era.


The "One Size Doesn't Fit All" Problem

One of the main drawbacks commonly raised with bulk Internet agreements is that "one size doesn't fit all." This is becoming increasingly important as CSPs notice tailored product offerings as one of the key elements for enhancing customer experience. For example, a typical gamer will have different demands for bandwidth and latency than someone using it primarily for paying bills and participating in social media. Offering freedom of choice in TV packages is equally important for many.

But it doesn't need to be an issue! With a competent and fully automated B/OSS solution, CSPs can offer the best of both worlds - bulk Internet with the freedom of choice. The basic concept enables all tenants to gain access to basic broadband services while also offering premium upgrades to those who require it. The user may not need to pay the full price for the upgrade, with the bulk Internet fees automatically discounted from the premium package.




This innovative concept is enabled using Netadmin's "Automatic Service Replacement" feature. Through a simple configuration of basic and premium services, our platform streamlines and automates the entire process, including billing alterations, enabling the full strength of combining bulk Internet with premium offerings. This benefits not only the residents but also the CSPs that can now boost revenue through tailored offerings and upsells, fostering customer experience and a closer relationship with end consumers. If the user later decides to cancel a premium service, the system automatically reactivates the basic services according to the bulk Internet agreement.


"With a competent and fully automated B/OSS solution, CSPs can offer the best of both worlds - bulk Internet with the freedom of choice.”

Ulf Engstrand, Senior Product Manager

Netadmin Systems offers a suite of product, service, and pricing capabilities designed to meet the high standards of contemporary wholesale and retail fiber operators. Our cutting-edge product catalog and service fulfillment solution introduces new and enhanced ways to create new offerings efficiently, run promotions, and deliver a unique customer experience through tailored offerings, recommendations, and discount options.

Discover how Netadmin can improve your bulk Internet offerings and deliver a unique, forward-thinking customer experience for property owners and associations.

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