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Say hello to Monica Wallden

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Say hello to Monica Walldén, our energetic and awesome Operations Controller, who has been a Netadmin for almost 12 years. Now it's finally time for you to get to know and say hello to Monica.


Hi Monica, can you describe your role at Netadmin?

That is perhaps the hardest thing about my job!

After almost 12 years at Netadmin, I have had many different roles, and it is easier to take on a new one than to let go of things. As the Operations Controller, I am part of the Professional Services management team and focus on ensuring all the financial reporting is correct. I do all the invoicing for PS and all departments, which gives me good knowledge and relation to our customers and Netadmin departments. I'm an HR administrator and handle payroll and other employee matters. That is both a privilege and a great responsibility. I'm the admin for some of our internal systems and responsible for various purchases.


What are you passionate about being a Controller at Netadmin?

My passion is to make life easier for others. I like to keep track of things to know where to find the answer, whether it is for auditing, for a customer, for management, or for a colleague. To do things correctly and timely.

I can also be self-competitive and determined to do my work better and to strive for Netadmin to reach targets and goals.


‘It is not about being proud of a great accomplishment; for me, the small things done well every day make me proud. If I make someone else smile and feel special or thankful, I have accomplished something good.’’


Tell us about your proudest work-related accomplishment.

It is not about being proud of a great accomplishment; for me, the small things done well every day make me proud. If I make someone else smile and feel special or thankful, I have accomplished something good.


When and how come you start working here with us at Netadmin?

I have always worked with financial reporting and payroll/HR on different types of companies and different positions, and I have enjoyed that. But I have always been interested in system development and thought I wanted to be a developer for many years. When I got the opportunity to start at Netadmin as a Finance Assistant, I knew that it would be more than a job.


What is the best thing about Netadmin?

Working at Netadmin is more than a job. I am a part of Netadmin, and it is like a family. We care for each other, work hard, respect each other, and sometimes disagree. I believe it is easy to make a difference. We are a small company, but if you ask me, we accomplish great things!




The quick ones

Now we want to know more about you - let’s take some quick ones.

Let’s start easily (or tricky) - how would you describe yourself in three words?

Friendly, dedicated, and not afraid to stand up for what I believe in. 

What's the best career advice you've ever been given?

Good question! My own life motto is “You live as long as you learn”, and to me, it is important to try new ways of doing things and have an open mind. Don´t be afraid of changes. Even if it is easy to get stuck in old habits.

What’s your passion outside work - your interest and hobbies?

Spend time with my family. I am married, have four kids, and love being a mom.

I have always loved running, and now when the kids have gotten older,  we have two dogs that keep me busy with long walks, either alone or often with friends. I also feel very content when working in our greenhouse, to see how a small seed can grow into something you can eat. Lately, I have picked up my knitting again.

Whom do you admire and why?

I admire people who can share a laugh and not take everything too seriously.  

What is played in your headphones?

Nothing, but I listen to music when I drive my car, during dinner, and sometimes when I run.

At the top of my bucket list is…

For a long time, it was to go on a running vacation, where you run in the mountains or some other beautiful surroundings with a group. Now perhaps to go camping with my husband and our dogs.  One day I will start to sing in a choir again.

If I could choose one superpower, that would be…

Be able to remember facts or maybe photographic memory?


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