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Vattenfall Eurofiber chooses Netadmin for the Open Access fiber network in Berlin

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Netadmin has today announced that Vattenfall Eurofiber in Berlin, Germany has selected Netadmin to enable automation of the order and provisioning processes in their Open Access fiber network. Netadmin is a leading provider of software built purposely for fiber operators developing a fiber business.

With the goal of connecting more than 500.000 households and businesses in Berlin by the end of 2026, Vattenfall Eurofiber wants to ensure Berlin's position in the digital future.

By making the fiber network open for all service providers, Vattenfall Eurofiber can maximize the value and options for the connected subscribers through the open-access concept.

The initial deployment of Netadmin Nine will enable Vattenfall Eurofiber to quickly connect and activate subscribers making their 2026 goal achievable. This will be accomplished by automating their service delivery process, enabling Vattenfall Eurofiber to ramp up its expansion and deliver an excellent customer experience.

"We are excited that Vattenfall Eurofiber has chosen Netadmin and our product Netadmin Nine to be part of their OSS/BSS ecosystem. We are confident that bringing Netadmin’s 20 years of experience in fiber networks and open access to Berlin will ensure a successful expansion for Vattenfall Eurofiber.”

Ulf Lindberg, CEO Netadmin Systems.

"Digital connectivity is essential for the future of our society and the economy. With our Open Access Optical Fiber network, we offer intelligent, open, and future secure solutions for companies and households in Berlin. We would like to contribute to making Berlin smarter and faster through our service and expertise. For us, Open Access has the highest priority, and we are pleased that, with Netadmin, we found a solution that perfectly supports our business model."

Arian de Korte, COO Vattenfall Eurofiber.


 Press release as PDF.


About Netadmin

Netadmin Systems enables positive digital experiences for the world's internet users by supplying essential software for open access fiber operators. As a vertical software company, Netadmin is creating purpose-built solutions based on their product Netadmin Nine supporting fiber operators on their journey of building, operating, and monetizing fiber networks.  

To learn more: Visit netadminsystems.com.


About Vattenfall Eurofiber

Die Vattenfall Eurofiber GmbH ist das Joint Venture zum Ausbau eines hochleistungsfähigen Glasfasernetzes in Berlin. Mehr als 500.000 Haushalte und Unternehmen werden bis Ende 2026 den Zugang zu FTTB/ FTTH-Glasfaseranschlüssen erhalten. Das neue Glasfasernetz bietet gegenüber bestehenden Infrastrukturen eine schnellere und überlegene Verbindung an und steht allen Internetanbietern diskriminierungsfrei via Open Access zur Verfügung.  

To learn more: Visit vattenfall-eurofiber.de



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