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Why CRM is not enough for your fiber journey

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There are usually a lot of questions when you first start building your fiber net. One of these questions is about what systems you need in order to roll out your fiber net effectively. Since the main goal is to get customers to your new net, many fiber operators think that they need a CRM-system. If you choose this option, there’s a chance that the CRM-system won’t be able to handle the needs of the fiber operator’s business once the customers start streaming in. The risk here is a very long, costly and difficult process to broaden and complete the CRM-system with other systems and adjustments.

According to our experience, the amount of adjustments for a CRM-system are often many and part of this is that CRM-systems aren’t generally appropriate for managing fiber business. Let us explain.


The fiber business is made up of three parts

Let’s look at the business of fiber operators. We have chosen to split the business into three parts.

  1. The first part is build. This consists mainly of understanding and pushing the need for fiber in various areas. After this, you build the fiber net with quality and robustness in mind. Lastly, you automate it.
  2. The second part are the daily operations. This is where you need to understand, control and automate the processes. And then, you can increase the effectivity in these processes and finally, you will achieve growth and margins in the business as a result.
  3. The third part consists of creating an attractive offer, offering this to the market and finally, automating the system of order-to-money in the monetize process.


Potential problems at the beginning of the fiber launch

When you start launching the fiber net, there are many potential problems that may occur along the way. There’s a particular set of errors relating to system support.

In the first part, the build phase, a typical problem is that you are unable to say where you can deliver fiber and not. The quality of addresses may be low and that makes it difficult to show customers where they can receive fiber.
Once you get around to building the fiber, you may find problems with the installation, for example bad signal values and errors regarding the connection of cables. Another typical problem is that lead times are too long since many actors are involved in the connection process. The entire order process can be very time consuming for the organization, where each separate installation takes a lot of time.

In the daily operations, there are many potential problems, but some typical issues are incorrect orders, the fact that many of the processes are entirely or partly manual, the developed processes have been based on everything running the way it’s supposed to, which leads to a lot of extra work when the process doesn’t run the way it should. The service you deliver may be of low quality.

In the last part surrounding how to invoice clients, you may find problem with invoices being incorrect or that the campaign management is not functioning as planned. It can also be difficult to launch a product offer without a large work effort.

All of this leads to a business focus on all the errors that have occurred and not on the launch itself.

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