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Netadmin Nine

The leading platform for your fiber journey.

We help fiber operators to control operations to achieve efficient and profitable subscriber growth.

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Netadmin helps you:

Grow your business.

A robust and future-proof system for your fibre rollout is essential to succeed in your growth journey.

On the customer journey

Enable true self-service for your potential customers so that your business becomes more efficient.

Serve your customers

Put your customers in the driver's seat and give them all the tools and information needed.

For your fiber business.


Modern, purpose-built, and robust systems are essential for a fiber business.


Netadmin - a purpose-built system that will minimize the need for unforeseen customizations and integrations. A modern and robust system is essential for limiting firefighting and sudden outages.

‘‘Netadmin solution enables our customers to quickly and easily get direct access to our service offering.’’

– Telia.






Using proper software will help you achieve your growth targets.


Netadmin helps you digitize and automate your processes, meet your growth targets, and increase customer experience. For example, today's customers require a digitalized customer onboarding journey, and your helpdesk can answer every question with minimum response times.

‘‘Netadmin solution has helped us free up time for the technology department to focus on more complex technical problems.’’

– Utsikt Broadband.



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Because your product catalog and offerings are worth it.


To successfully model and structure your product offerings, you must rely on good software. Netadmin will be the key to enabling new business models and offerings to the market.

‘‘The use of Netadmin solutions has led to higher revenue, minimized OPEX and time to market.’’

– Telenor Open Universe.






You must have the ability to understand how your network is performing.


Understanding the impact is of importance in running a fibre business. It is crucial to understand which customers and addresses are affected by a failure. Netadmin helps you monitor this.

‘‘Netadmin solution has proved to be effective and delivers an excellent solution that underpins fiber deployment.’’

– JT.





Netadmin is a Vertical Market Software purposely built for the fiber journey - network operators starting, transitioning to or operating a fiber network business.

Trusted by top companies.

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What you can do with Netadmin Nine.


Your entire fiber business in one platform.


Netadmin takes care of your whole fiber business. Our platform offers the needed functionality for the fulfillment and assurance processes. For example, Netadmin makes sure that an order is delivered and that your services are working fine.

Netadmin takes over after the network planning has been made and hands over to an invoicing platform when it is time for invoicing.



Connect the tools you already use

You can bring together everything your team needs to plan, collaborate, and coordinate your fiber business from start to finish. Netadmin is integrating with several software platforms in the fiber industry. A robust and standardized API enables this.

We have made it simpler to integrate Netadmin with good documentation tools you already use.


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