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How Cloud Technology and ODA Help Transform Customers Businesses

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The Netadmin 'Cloud Journey' is a crucial development for our upcoming Netadmin version. This journey is essential at a technical level by enabling shorter development, installation, and maintenance cycles, reducing the need for numerous servers, and eliminating dependencies on operating systems.


Promoting Scalability and Standardization with Open Digital Architecture (ODA)

The ‘Cloud journey’ promotes the development of components with redundancy, reliability, availability, and load-balancing, enabling our customers to scale their operations. Furthermore, it paves the way for offering more agile and standardized products aligned with the TM Forum's Open Digital Architecture (ODA) vision. This transformation is even more profound than the technology upon which it runs, as it adds significant value to operators grappling with a "spaghetti" of integrations and applications that were not originally designed to collaborate.


The Role of ODA in Transforming Telcos and Communication Service Providers

Many telcos and communication service providers face tough competition and limited opportunities to generate revenue from new consumer services. They are constantly challenged to develop and introduce new services to stay competitive, often at a lower price. Adding to this challenge, investments in emerging technologies like IoT and 5G exert additional pressure on the industry while maintaining multiple versions of legacy technologies and systems. This scenario compels operators to rethink their traditional approaches to running and structuring IT systems.

This is where ODA comes in. It makes it easier to approach old problems in new ways and avoid adding new layers of issues. The vision of ODA is to facilitate a shift to a more agile, horizontal, plug-and-play model, enabling service providers and suppliers to invest in new and differentiated services and technologies rather than sinking resources into maintenance and integration. Ultimately, this will create a marketplace for Lego-like ODA components designed from the start to work together.




When new demands arise, a new Lego component can be seamlessly integrated, or existing ones can be exchanged or upgraded without needing complex and costly reintegration. These ODA components can be supplied by the same vendor or specialized vendors in various domains. The common Information Model and standard Open APIs defined by TM Forum are essential for this to function, but ODA components also rely on cloud technology as their foundation. When done correctly, this change will free up time and resources.

These can then be invested in developing and introducing new innovative services that allow businesses to grow and ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, it also has the potential to create a more inspiring workplace where employees focus on innovation rather than the tedious task of redeveloping integrations and conducting large-scale system upgrades.


‘‘Open Digital Architecture (ODA) revolutionizes the telecom industry by enabling CSPs to focus on innovation rather than maintenance. It's a win-win situation for both businesses and customers.’’

Ulf Engstrand, Senior Product Manager


Netadmin's Cloud Journey and TM Forum Journey

Netadmin Systems is embarking on both a Cloud Journey and a TM Forum Journey. These are not isolated endeavors but two journeys aligned with a shared vision.

The transition to cloud technologies by Netadmin will address the growing demand for scalability, redundancy, and other high-availability attributes. Simultaneously, the ODA transformation will enhance the system, making it more accessible for our customers to expand their businesses.

Are you ready to transform your business with cloud technology and the power of Open Digital Architecture (ODA)? Read more here


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