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Netadmin releases business metrics framework and graphs and charts for ticketing

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Netadmin is proud to announce the release of a brand new business metrics framework and configurable dashboards to all of our Netadmin 9.1 customers! The new features answer the growing demand for professional views that track and display essential business data and other metrics in various ways. In this release, we also provide an extensive set of graphs and charts for tickets to help customer service operations monitor, analyze, and optimize the customer support process.

This release provides the actual framework capable of collecting and storing event and time-based metrics. This is achieved by using a specialized time-series database optimized for keeping large amounts of time-stamped data.

To give our customers a great value from the start, this release includes many graphs and charts for key ticket data that can be published to users with different roles on customizable dashboards. This enables your support organization to increase the support processes' quality and efficiency and take immediate and long-term decisions to ensure that customers stay happy.

The following top ticket metrics can now be tracked and visualized variously depending on what you want to achieve:

  • New tickets received (ticket volume)
  • Open tickets
  • Closed and Resolved tickets
  • Ticket backlog
  • Unassigned tickets
  • Overdue tickets or due soon
  • Average first response time
  • Average resolution time

The dashboard supports a variety of graphs and charts, including line graphs, pie charts, stacked and non-stacked column graphs, and more.


Wrapping up

At Netadmin, we’re committed to building the best fiber platform on the market. For more information about the new Business metrics framework feature, read our documentation on the topic.
If you’re not already a Netadmin user, please see contact information here.