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Streamlining Fiber Operators' Success with Next-Gen Service Catalog

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In the highly competitive Operators and Communication Service Providers market, customers continuously demand innovative services, making time-to-market more critical than ever - whether wholesale or retail.


The next generation of service catalog capabilities

Netadmin Systems is developing the next generation of service catalog capabilities, which will be available in the upcoming release. Our main objective is simplifying service catalog management by promoting reusability, reducing the number of required service specifications, and simplifying configuration.

This will streamline service catalog management and significantly ease the product catalog configuration, which relies on the service catalog for decomposition and configuration. The updated service catalog model will be aligned with TM Forum standards, ensuring readiness to develop TM Forum Open API implementations. Combining a TM Forum-compliant information model, enhanced UI/UX, and intelligent tools for rapidly creating, reusing, updating, and migrating service types will offer a new user experience and overview of the operator's product and service catalogs.




Key features in the next release include:

  • Increased reusability of service specifications between Retail Service Providers (RSPs), reducing the time to onboard new service providers and simplifying maintenance.

  • Enabling the consolidation of similar service types, keeping down the service catalog's size, and simplifying and reducing the time to launch new product offerings and variants.

  • Ensuring a coherent and efficient user experience for working with service and product catalogs and onboarding new service providers.

  • The introduction of service characteristics aligned with TM Forum standards simplifies configuration across all layers and promotes reusability.

  • Allowing multiple service catalogs, organized according to TM Forum standards, to better manage different businesses, technologies, and partners.

  • Improved dependency policy and availability configuration make setting up restrictions and dependencies on services easier.

  • Enhanced import/export and API support, including new batch updating tools and simplifying the creation, configuration, and migration of service specifications, product offerings, and characteristics.

  • Smart validation tools ensure the service catalog, products, and services are configured correctly.

  • Updated service ordering process, leveraging the advantages of service characteristics for automatic and manual configuration and validation of services.


"In the competitive market of Operators and Communication Service Providers, the upcoming Netadmin release will offer fiber operators better ways to manage their service and product catalogs, which is a key step towards advanced order orchestration and service provisioning capabilities.”

Ulf Engstrand, Senior Product Manager



The upcoming release of Netadmin will offer fiber operators new and improved ways to manage service and product catalogs efficiently. This is crucial to developing our next-generation order orchestration and service provisioning capabilities. By aligning with TM Forum standards, we can increase interoperability and implement relevant Open APIs in upcoming releases, speeding up the launch of new consumer services.

The process will become even more straightforward with the introduction of an intent-based fulfillment process, and technologies like NETCONF/YANG will enhance network configuration automation, ensuring robust transaction-based provisioning of network elements.

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