DELTA Fiber Nederland, a key telecom player in the Netherlands with DELTA and Caiway as commercial brands, offering broadband, television and telephony to both consumers and business. 

DELTA Fiber, formerly named CAI Westland (CAIW) has under the brand name Caiway, provided internet access services to private customers in the Netherlands since 1995 and originates from a joint venture between seven Westland municipalities that developed a cable TV business in 1981. 

In 2008 their passive network and its operations were transferred to a separate company, Communicate Infrastructure Fund (CIF), and in 2014 a new open access Ethernet Access offering was launched, enabling other Service Providers to sell and provide retail services in CAIW’s network. 

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Headquarters: Schiedam, South Holland 

Type: Privately Held 

Founded: Founded 1981, under the brand CAIW 

Market: The Netherlands 

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