The results by implementing Netadmin have been time and cost savings as well as a reduced number of customer visits by field engineers. Jersey Telecom (JT) has started a project to convert all their copper based customers to fiber. For this project they selected Cisco Systems for the infrastructure and Cisco recommended JT to use Netadmin as OSS to administrate all fiber customers.

"Netadmin has proved to be effective and delivers an excellent solution that underpins fiber deployment”
Andy Parkin, IT design manager


  • Migrate all copper based customers to fiber
  • Many “spot” solutions made in-house, difficult to maintain
  • With active equipment provisioning was cumbersome


  • Netadmin as OSS


  • Reduced engineering customer visits on field
  • Lower fault rate on fiber than on copper
  • Provisioning is easy and efficient
  • Time and cost savings achieved

Quick facts

  • Telecom operator on Jersey
  • Founded 1895
  • 485 employees
  • +50.000 customers

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