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Customer Case

Northpower Fibre grows with automation.

Nov 29 | 5 min read

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With the goal of giving 75% of New Zealander's fast broadband by end of 2019, Northpower Fibre is one of four companies in the government-funded Ultra-Fast Broadband initiative. By end of 20,22 the goal is to reach 87% of the population, so Northpower Fibre knows that they have to expand – fast.


Northpower Fibre


Whangarei, New Zealand



Use case

Open Access


Fibre distribution


  • Managing a high uptake while utilizing a small team and limited resources.

  • Transitioning from reactive to proactive network operations.

  • Reducing the need for back office assistance for field resources.


  • Strong focus on network automation.

  • Incorporate Netadmin into the existing service-oriented architecture as a network abstraction layer, enabling vendor agnostic provisioning automation and monitoring.

  • Continuous improvement of performance monitoring capabilities.


  • High level of automation.

  • Leading-edge IT-support systems.

  • High yearly growth – same number of employees.

  • Cost savings.

  • Increased customer service.


Northpower Fibre uses an open-access business model, with more than 20 active retail service providers offering their services in the network. The service providers range from local companies to the largest telecommunication brands in New Zealand. As part of enabling new service providers to deliver their services on Northpower Fibre’s network, they have to go through an onboarding process. This ensures that the technical network aspects have been thoroughly tested, staff have been trained and the Netadmin integration has been configured properly. This will guarantee that the end customer will always get the services they ordered.

Reactive to proactive network operations

Before Netadmin, most provisioning operations were performed manually. Back then, the majority of orders had new connections and the number of faults was low. With a growing network, the nature of the work changed and today 70% of all provisioning related work is relating to churn rate, reconnects, disconnections and bandwidth upgrades. The number of faults increased in parallel with the growth of the network and the operations team had to adapt to manage the demand.


“It was clear to me that we had to invest in process automation to get out of the fire-fighting mentality and shift into a more proactive network management approach which allows us to focus on ‘keeping the lights on’ and provide an outstanding customer experience,” 

Andreas Åström, Networks Manager (Layer 2) at Northpower Fibre.


Automation and in-field provisioning for fiber installers, together with self-service tools such as network diagnostics for service providers, have proven invaluable in managing the daily interactions with thousands of users, without having to increase the headcount.

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