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Customer Case

Vännäs’ experiences of Netadmin – a system to grow with.

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Vännas municipality city network,, owns and builds open networks that are available on the same terms for all service providers. In Vännäs’ network, there is a fiber network with approximately 1.200 customers and a cable TV network with approximately 1.900 customers. Broadband and TV can be distributed in both the fiber and the cable TV networks. The fiber network is located in the cities of Vännäs, Vännäsby, Brån, Strand, Sunnanå, Tväråbäck, Hällfors, Pengfors, Penglund, Pengsjö and Gullbäck..




Vännas, Sweden



Use case

Open Access


Fibre distribution

Today, has three full-time employees using Netadmin on a daily basis and in total they have five people – both internal and external – that have access to the system.

”For us, it was primarily to get control over our addresses, switches and similar. But, as we got to know the system, we discovered the benefits of using the Ticketing and Monitoring capabilities in Netadmin. Overall, you can say that Netadmin is very easy to grow with as your needs change. We now have good control of the addresses as well as good control over customers’ orders. We also have good control of the network and our equipment, ”

Roger Fagerdal, Broadband Manager Vännäs municipality.


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