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Live Talk - Customer Portal add-on.


Hosted by Johan Hjalmarsson.


Customer Portals are essential and an important component in your automation- and Customer Journey. Customer Portals reduce the workload on your organization, enable efficient rollout, and increase customer satisfaction.

Johan Hjalmarsson walks you through the add-on in this webinar. Learn more about the Customer Portal add-on. How to create and manage your customer portals to enable your customers to become customers. Compare offerings, check availability, order products, troubleshoot their services, raise tickets, and manage their customer profile.


Webinar and agenda

  • Introduction
  • Customer Portal (Backend)
  • Functionality
  • Use cases
  • System landscape

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Speaker and moderator

Johan Hjalmarsson

Johan Hjalmarsson

Product Marketing Manager

Johan is responsible for product marketing management and pre-sales at Netadmin Systems.

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