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Interoperability between network operators and service providers.


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How to make your business grow in an open-access network.

How do you succeed with your open-access fiber network. The Interoperability between you as a network operator and the service providers is important in this process.

Using a shared business model for building fiber networks instead of a vertical model has often resulted in higher utilization levels and faster roll-out plans, as well as enabling a larger customer base for the service provider.

But what kind of requirements does such a shared business model, often called open access or wholesale, imply for the interoperability between a network operator and a service provider? What is that offers an efficient and flawless way of working together?

In this White Paper, you will learn

  • Success factors for good cooperation between network operators and service providers.
  • The importance of having a clear process before you start.
  • If, and how, a software solution will help you in this process.

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